The Protected Princess

Angela is a princess. Also known as Princess Roźa .She lives on a small island off the coast of Cuba. When she is almost killed she is taken away from her home. When she got to the princess protection angency she choose to stay with Simon Cowell, the man who took her from her home. What happens when she meets One Direction's Liam Payne? Does she find friendship or something more?


4. Kisses and Memories(Ariel)

  When we got back to his falt he took Minnie to his room and tucked her in. When he walked back into the living room Louis shouts " Lets play In The Dark."

"Whats thats?" I asked.

" Its where someone turns all the lights out and we all try to scare one another." Niall explained.

" Okay lets play." I agreed. Someone turned out the lights and I started walking around. As i was walking past the coat closet someone grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I gasped. When my eyes adjusted a little I saw that the person to pull me in was Liam.

" Liam What are you doing?" I asked as he started walking closer to to me.

" Something that will hopefully remind you who you are." He said before kissing me. When he pulled away I remembered something.


" Don't you ever listen?!" Liam asked sounding pissed.

" Yes,but not when its you." I answered.

" You have no clue how much I love you, do you Angie?" He questioned in a softer tone.

" No.How much do you love me Leeroy?" I asked.

" Dammit, Angie. You know i love it when you call me that." 

" What? Leeroy?" I teased.

" Yes!" He growled.


" I'm so sorry Angie. I didn't mean to do that." He panted.

" Don't be sorry. I loved it and I love you." I smiled kissing his bare chest. I started tracing his tattoos when i saw a newer one.

" Babe. What's this tattoo for?" I asked.

" 2 months ago I was shot at a drug deal. The cops showed up and shot at the guy that was giving my gang leader some drugs, but before the bullet could touch him he moved and i got hit instead. The date there is the date I got shot." He explained.


Flashback Over


"Leeroy." I whispered before jumping on Liam and kissing him passionatly. He pressed my back against the wall of the closet keeping his hands on my thighs keeping me up.

" I missed you so much Angie." He said before kissing me harder than before and grinding his hips on mine.

" Leeyum." I moaned not so quietly.

" Shhh. He whispered before pulling away and setting me on my feet.

" Where we're you for the past 2 years?" He asked.

" Huh?" I asked confused. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by someone knocking on the front door. We walked out of the closet just as Niall opened the door. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and i put my hands on his and leaned back into his chest. I smiled and looked up at him as he kissed my hair.

" What's going on here?" I heard Simon ask.

" Liam and I are dating."I answered.

"No you can't!" He said angrily.

" Why?" I asked.

" Who you are." He stated.

" Yeah I'm a princess so what? If we have to fight for our love we will." I said.

" Thats half the reason." He answered.

" Oh thats right. I'm your daughter. Your a king I'm a princess that you took from her home after planing my almost death. Even worse you put my daughter in danger." I said growling at the end. He went to respond when he was cut off by Liam.

" Acutally you're not a princess. You're a normal girl who loves painting, drawing, taking pictures, sunsets, snow, cuddling by the fireplace, and most importantly OUR daughter." Liam said looking at me.

" How do you know that about and what do you mean OUR daughter?" I asked. He sighed and grabbed my hand dragging me into the living room with everyone following.

" I'll start form the beginning. 5 years ago I was in Australia taking pictures of the beach when i saw a girl standing ankle deep in the water facing the sun. The lighting, the wind and the the way she was standing was perfect for a picture. After I took the picture I started walking towards my cabin. Half way back someone tapped on my shoulder. When i turned around the girl from the beach was there, she gave my a picture then ran away. When i looked at the picture i was suprised to see the that it was the picture i took. On the picture was a message: Angie, Your mystery girl xxx. When I got back to my room I put it in a scrapbook and hoped that i would see you again. That December  I was back in Wolverhampton and I was walking home from the libary when i saw someone sitting on a bench in a park covered in snow,I rushed over and when i saw it was you i wrapped you up in my coat and carried you to my home. My mom changed you into some warm clothes and wrapped you up in a bunch of blankets. I took care of you for almost 2 weeks till you got better. We started dating after months of me freaking out in my head on how to ask you out. In Feburary of 2010 I was shot. I had been going throw a hard time and you were helping me as best you could but i was keeping things from you. In May of the same year i was mad at you because i told you to not follow me but you didn't and didn't realise it till an hour later when when ended up having sex in one of the capusles of a closed London Eye. That night you got pregnant. Well after 9 months of mood swings and hormones you gave me the most beautiful thing ever. Minnie. A week after we got home you were on your way home from the market when you were in a car crash. The person that crashed into your car car kidnapped you and made you belive that you were a princess. I was kept from you till you showed up in Simon's office. I knew who you were and i expected you to remember me but you didn't but we kissed you remembered. Your real name is Angie Rain Marie. Your birthday is September 3, 1994. Your parents died in 2007." He explained.

" So, I'm not a princess. I'm a normal girl who was taken from her life and put in someone elses." I said.

" Yeah." he said sadly. I smiled and went over and sat on his lap.

" I don't care. As long as I have you and Minnie I'm as happy as i can be." I said before gently kissing him.

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