Red X (One Direction Fanfiction)

My name is Ava Red and I'm the top assassin working for the English government. My next mission is a man who's disguised himself as a crew member working for some band. I must dispose of him before he leaks anymore secrets about the government however, what will happen when this 'band' get in the way? I need to reach my target no matter what but how can I when a certain band member takes a liking to me? The last thing I need is to be exposed and being surrounded by famous people isn't particularly helpful...


2. Chapter 2

Time: 20:47

Current location: Backstage at a 'One Direction' concert intently watching Michael Daniels every move. 

Mental note: Off guard while talking to others. 

I've decided to become closer to my target, not quite making contact yet but pretending to be a person that he can trust. Perhaps a relation to another crew member? No, that won't work. Hmmm....

My thoughts were disturbed as I saw Daniels begin to move towards the side of the stage as the band descended from it. They all seemed like pleasant enough boys but were totally oblivious to what was happening around them. He handed them drinks of water and immediately left. Wait, could this be a murder? Was that water? 

When your in my line of work, no one is ever innocent, there's all more to the story then what appears and most of all, you trust no one or nothing. The suspicion in my brain couldn't go unheard of and I needed to stop these boys from possibly dying before its too late. Should I risk blowing my cover just in case that wasn't water? Risks. I never seem to stop taking them. I suppose that's how you define the best though, a risk taker. 

Grabbing my fake backstage pass, I made my way over to the boys in a rush. Time for the acting skills to shine through. 

"Excuse me, sorry, but do any of you know where the little girls room is? I'm so sorry, I haven't introduced myself, I'm Ava." I said in the most innocent voice I could muster so that none of them would dare question my motives. Oh shit. As soon as I'd finished the sentence, I realised that I'd messed up, I'd just told them my name, I was supposed to say Harriet! No going back now though I suppose. 

"Oh, hi Harriet, my names Harry and this is; Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis" he said each one in turn, pointing at the boys. I stood there taking in each of there features, including the smaller details as well, they could be necessary. 

"So, what brings you backstage Ava?" Liam asked.

"I won a backstage pass" I confidently answered with a smile.

"Ah, cool, well, we need to go back out now but we'll talk to you later?" Louis asked me. Thoughts flowed through my head as I tried to think of how to avoid that question however, before I got the chance to answer them, they fled out to the stage once again. Success. None of them had had a single sip of the 'water'.

My eyes quickly searched the entire backstage area but there was no sign of Daniels. I need to go find him now. He couldn't have got to far yet, could he?

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