My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:



so its 8:30 am I got off the bathroom floor brushed my teeth told Justin im leaving and left to get my friend Lauren then headed to the doctor... I got there like 3 minutes late but they took me right away... I told the nurse what was going on she made me take a pee test so she can text it for multiple things I did... my doctor came in and he was concerned with the throwing up.. he made me go for blood work downstairs then go back up to see him after I had did so... I did the blood work went up stiars sat and waited with my besfriend she is always there for me when no one else is.. I love her to death... I get called back.. he wasn't there and the nurse left.. I was like okay come on I don't want to be here just want to know whats wrong with me... He came in 20 MIn later its now 11 oclock I have been here for 2 hours pretty much waiting! I was pissed off.. he came in sat down and by the look on his face I didn't want to know what he was about to say....

Doctor- Gianna.... your well.. Pregnant..

Me- What?! no I cant be...

I started crying I honestly had no idea I was pregnant I have been taking medicine to control this throw up and fever I thought I was just sick... im crying in tears my besfriend is crying.. its just way to much for me its so over whelming and I think I just ruined justins life... and mine.. but I mean god gave me a baby for a reason.. im just so young..

Doctor- Gianna? are you okay?

Me- No.. im not ready for this.. its a lot to take in at once...

Doctor- Well you have options but only 1 which would be adoption? your too far along for an abortion..

Me- I would never get an abortion anyway and I have to talk to my boyfriend about this because I have no idea what he wants.. I ruined his life..

Lauren- NO you didn't gianna Justin will stay no matter what don't think like that..

Doctor- I'll leave you guys alone to talk.. ill come back with a visit schedule to come see me through the pregnancy.. okay?

Me-okay.. can I ask how far along am I?

Doctor- Yeah let me go get the results..


Lauren-when did you last have sex with him?

Me-not that long ago but we had sex for the first time a month ago I believe...  

The doctor comes in and confirms that im a month pregnant.. he thought I was further but im not.. I still don't know how im going to tell Justin.. im freaking out lauren is hugging me trying to get me to relax.. but I cant... the doctor give me a paper and says he will see me in a week.. I say okay and walk out the office.. make my appointment. then I get in the elevator and lose it im bunched up in a ball on the floor crying my eyes out we hit the ground level and I get up and walk out the elevator, still crying I hand lauren my keys cause I cant drive right now.. I text Justin to say we need to talk when I get home love you was kinda a bad text to send but I had to send it.. ugh still don't know how im going to tell upset not that I got pregnant but that I had so much going for me, I was in collage I have a job its not like I cant still do all of that, I know a lot of single people with kids doing it... I know I can im strong and I can handle it, this wont change my life for nothing...




[ A/N you guys knew that she was going to be pregnant haha but yeah she is just freaking out.. what would you do?? tell me on twitter? @GiannaElaine143 well im ending this chapter now.. love you all thank you so much for everthing.. writing the next one now(:]

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