My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


24. Tomorrow

its about 9:30 I have a doctors appointment at 10:15 and I honestly am so exhausted that I really don't even want to move out of bed but I have to start to get ready.. as I was showering I heard Justin scream bloody murder.. so me being as caring as I am I ran from the shower down the stairs and I found no Justin, I was like what the hell where is he! I ran back up the stair and I saw Justin outside on the front porch staring at the ground crying, I was just thinking to myself what could be wrong now? i felt like something bad was about to happen, but i cant think negative so i walked outside and just stood there in my towel.. he looked over at me and smiled, i was like what the hell..


Justin: hey babe.

Me: why did you scream and why are you crying??

Justin: i just got a phone call from your OBGYN

Me: why the fuck are they calling you and not me..

Justin: cause i put my number down as a contact so they contacted me i do not know

Me: well whats wrong?

Justin: nothing, but we are having twin girls they made a mistake not a boy and a girl twin girls

Me: what?! i cant even believe that how? how could they make that mistake?


at this point im crying and Justin was holding me trying to comfort me and everything

Justin: babe its okay mistakes happen all the time you know that..

Me: yeah i guess but this was a huge mistake.. oh well i guess at least we didn't get the furniture or clothes or anything yet.

Justin: yeah true well lets go lady we need to get to the doctor now..

Me: yeah well i had to make sure you weren't dying on me

Justin just started laughing.. it was not funny but oh well, by the time we left it was about 9:55am and it took us about 15 minutes to get to the doctors office once we checked in and everything we waited a good 20 minutes now i was getting frustrated like come one now.. this is crazy i hated waiting i was not a patient person... they took us back finally and i was weighed and then when i got in the room i was measured and the nurse checked their heartbeat and made sure everything was good.. and it was they checked my oxygen and blood pressure everything seemed to be okay.. now i just have to wait for my doctor which took another 10 minutes


Me: hey doc

Doc: how are you feeling today gianna

Me: im okay just sleepy

Doc: okay good well everything looks good with the girls and all that so just keep doing what your doing

Me: i have a question for you

Doc: yes?

Me: is it okay that i go shopping for some furniture and stuff for their rooms?

Doc: yeah i don't see why not just rest while your out okay? we don't need your blood pressure up

ME: okay i will thank you so much see you in 3 weeks

Doc: alright have a good day

after the doctor left i got my shoes on and Justin and i walked out

Me: Justin see i promise you that i will be okay as long as i relax and i do what im suppose to do

Justin: alright then lets go shopping!

Me: yes finally!!!


so we left the doctor and headed to the buy buy baby and then babies R us once we got to buy buy baby we went to the registry area to register for some stuff and then Justin and i went to the carseats and strollers and we ended up getting 2 carseats the same just different colors we got the maxi cosi  mico max 30 infant carseat one in pink berry  the other in purple pace, they were so cute and then we jus got two strollers that the carseats would attach in and also the frame stroller so we don't have to lug the other ones around all the time.. after we got those and finished our gift registry there we took a ride to babies R us when we got there again gift registry then we went to the back where the cribs and stuff was we picked out 2 white cribs and the dressers and changing tables to match then the bedding that was hard cause they all were so adorable that i couldn't choose.. but we finally decieded and everything that we had bought today would be shipped to our house within the week. i was so excited now we were off back home.







[A/N well im trying here guys to balance work and college and its just hard but im doing it the best i can}

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