My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:



im so excited to find out the sex of the babies today its crazy to think I am almost 3 months pregnant and that there is 2 babies not 1 like that's even crazier.. I always thought what if Justin didn't come back into my life, none of this would have happened I mean yes we kept in touch but not that much.. wow crazy stuff.. well its noon our appointment is at 2:15 so I started to get ready cause I kinda had to look decent I put on jeans and a loose fit top.. and threw on my jordans.. at this point I really didn't care, I threw my hair into a messy bun because it was so curly I didn't feel like going through it with a straightener so I just put it up, I put on mascara and then Justin and I left.. it was a 10 minute drive to my OBGYN here in Canada so it wasn't bad at all.. we pulled up and immediately Justin started getting nervous and I can tell when he is getting super nervous about something he gets flustered and rambles about nothing.. it was so cute though.. not going to lie I was kinda nervous too, but I was more happy.. I want 2 girls and of course Justin wants 2 boys, but ill be happy as long as they both are healthy..

Nurse- Gianna

me- hello

Justin-hello ma'am

I giggled now I could defiantly tell he was nervous...

Nurse- have you noticed anything different or feeling weird?

Me- besides being tired and always hungry no..

the nurse laughed so did I Justin just sat there with no expression..

nurse-okay well ill take your blood pressure and oxygen levels..

she put the blood pressure cuff on and the thing on my finger to check my oxygen then she went to get a thermometer she placed it under my tongue... we waited.. then my oxygen came back good no fever.. but my blood pressure was pretty high so she thought my OB would be concerned I was freaking out Justin was like telling the nurse the machine must be broken.. I don't know but I think he is why its high...

Nurse- sir please relax.. it okay the doctor will check it again when he comes in it will be 5 minutes till he comes in he is just finishing up with some one else..

Me- okay thank you

Justin- Thanks

the nurse left then it was just me and Justin

Me- are you okay? I mean this is suppose to be a happy moment but your stressing me out..

Him- im okay im sorry baby I didn't mean to Im just scared that something will be wrong..

Me- ill be fine babe okay

him-okay... but the doctor better help you

the doctor finally walks in and Justin is so pleased.. he shakes my hand and justins then reviews the chart..

Doctor- seems your blood pressure is pretty high.. that's not good,, lets take a look before we take the ultra sound

Me- okay is everything going to be okay??

Doc- it should be but lets make sure okay im just going to re check your blood pressure and temp okay.

me- okay

he is re checking with a different machine, and everything back and forth...

doc- seems it is pretty high.. after the ultra sound we will talk.

me- okay

this doctors appointment went from scary to even scarier; he starts my ultra sound he tells me both babies are in the same sack which means they will be identical I was happy about that I was crying already and we haven't even found out what we are having Justin is holding my hand the whole time.. the doctor finally is ready to tell us when Justin says STOP!!

Justin- babe I think I want it to be a surprise.. I mean yes I want to know but our gender revel party...

Me- babe we have to find out so we can start planning that.. please I want to know

Justin- okay baby anything you want

Me- okay go ahead..

Doctor- your having.........

A GIRL!! and A BOY!!

I was crying one of each! that's crazy they cant be identical if ones a boy and ones a girl.. but I don't care I cant believe this!! now we aren't telling anyone till august 5th which is about 10 days from now at the gender revel party.. im so excited Justin is crying.. its crazy but now the doctor has to talk to me about my blood pressure..

Doc- okay gianna your blood pressure is pretty high it shouldn't be like this.. so bed rest from now till you have the baby ill fax all this over to you OBGYN in Chicago.. and she will have everything.. im sorry sweetie I know you have a lot to do and your not that far along for this to be happening but it has too. im so sorry

Me- its okay ill do whatever it takes to keep my too monkeys alive..

I was crying and scared and didn't know what to think well... we are leaving for Chicago tonight at 10.. so we have to get back to justins dads and pack..


we got back and I was just heart broken.. but I did just what the doctor said bed rest.. I sat on the couch and talked to his step mom and told her that I am on bed rest till I give birth and she said this happened to her with Jaxon so its okay and everything will be okay.. but we cant miss our flight so they drove us for food then to airport.. our flight takes off at 10pm and its 9:30 when we got to the air port so it was okay we walked hand and hand to the gate sate down and waited to board the plane..












[A/N so guys I know its been forever and I always end up saying that im back but its just been getting hard to find time between collage and online classes and other personal things.. but im really really sorry I hope this chapter is okay.. for now im sorry if its not long long I tried my best.. again im so sorry im gunna say ill try harder I promise..]

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