My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


14. that night..

we woke up around 9 pm I was still really tired I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday which isn't that far away its three days then Justin's concert is that night.. well I got out of bed to go pee but before I could get up I felt Justin tighten his grip then he started to tickle me I couldn't stop laughing but I did mange to say stop in between the tickles I eventually broke loose and got really sick to my stomach I ran upstairs and threw up... yep I think im getting sick oh well so I just brushed it off peed then went back to my room I told Justin to come up and meet my cousin so he did we walked up the stairs


her- yeah??
me- come in the living room please??

Justin- oh god never met anyone else

brit- Ye--------

her face was priceless! she was in that shocked stage.. because no one thought in a million years I would be with Justin Bieber! she started to scream I couldn't tell if its cause she is 19 and hasn't out grown he obsession with him but I mean what girl would right?

me- you okay???

her- yeahhh I mean that's Justin Bieber my idol the one I love like why? ohmygod

him- hello giannas cousin

me- sorry brit this is Justin, Justin this is brit she is in love with you

her- yeah I am oh my god I didn't know you two knew eachother and that this is the guy your fucking gianna


I yelled so loud I really hated her at that moment I hate when people state the obvious and I also hate when they throw my business out there....

Justin- babe relax its okay I mean she is family so its fine

her- im so sorry gi I didn't know that I couldn't say anything

me- its not the that you said it its how you fucking said it... im going to y room goodnight brit

her- im sorry goodnight

Justin- okay? well it was nice to meet you Brittney ill see you in the morning

her- ahhhhh okay ohmy okay love you gi goodnight Justin

me and Justin went to my room we didn't go to sleep though we just stayed up watching movies all night we never sleep I swear we made out and kissed on occasion but other then that it was mostly cuddling and watching the movies.. I love times like these! I wish that this night would never end because im here with the guy I always dreamt I would be with and now im actually with him what does that say<2 I love him so much

Me- Babe I love you so much words just cannot explain

Him- Baby I love you way more<3

he kissed my cheek then we continued to watch the movie..













[A/N   I know this chapter is kinda short but its hard to wrote when you have writers block and your sick sittin in the dark lol well again hope you enjoy love you all]

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