My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


19. Telling my Family...

this is the day I am going to tell my family.. its been about a week since I found out I am 1 month and a week I gues you can say.. im happy me and Justin have been looking a nursery stuff and so on.. I am finally going to tell my mom and dad today then my sister and brother soon enough. my parents need to know before they find out from someone else.. I mean it was just a short time before someone besides Lauren, Justin, and I weren't the only ones to know this.. that's the only thing that sucks is Justin having to tell his fans.. I know im going to get a lot of hate... ugh.. anyway im getting ready to go as is Justin because we have to stop by laurens house to get her so that I don't have just me and Justin telling my family.. that's crazy... plus I have to bring her to work cause her car broke down last night.. I don't know how.. but oh well.


we picked up Lauren then went to my parents house they only live like 2 blocks away from when I live.. so its pretty close I was so scared to tell them cause I am just following in my sisters foot steps but I mean my sister didn't even know she was pregnant till she went to the hospital to give birth.. long story... anyway, we arrived at my parents house I got out and I was just so anxious and nervous.. thank god I had my bestfriend and boyfriend right there with me when I go to tell them this... well here goes nothing.......


I opened the front door I walked in and im greeted by my mom my auntie lisa and my baby cousins Jenna (11) and Vinnie(7) they all come over to me and hug me then they give Justin and Lauren hugs now I was really scared to tell them... well I asked Lauren to take them downstairs to go play while I talk to my mom and Auntie... this was so scary. it wasn't so much them I was worried about telling it was more my dad and uncles and brother... that was going to be terrifying.. oh well I sat them both down at the table, my mom was cooking sunday dinner yum.

Me- well we have some news to share with you guys.. and im pretty nervous to tell you

Auntie- Yes?


Me- umm well im umm pregnant......

they both started crying but they said it was happy but disbelief tears.. I don't know but I was just so scared that they were going to be so pissed at me... well I guess not they both hugged me and it was just great to know I had them both on my side.. I told them that they were the only ones to know.. besides us and well how I was scared to tell everyone else.. my mom said she would tell my dad and brother and sister and my Auntie would tell my uncle and cousins.. which was a huge relief for me.. we then sat and talked I told them I was 1 month and a week they said that's great..i was just happy that this part was over..

Mom- any names yet?

Me- umm Justin and I have thought of a few.. if its a girl Abriana Maria and if its a boy Kyson Dominic

Mom- awwww I love them!

Auntie- where did you guys come up with those names? so unique

Me- well I love the name Abriana and I love the name Kyson so when I told Justin he thought I was kidding cause those were his favorite names as well so that's how that came to be..

Justin- yeah it was pretty strange that we both love these names..

Me-Im hungry can we eat???

Mom- yes we can

after we ate we went to drop Lauren off I got texts from my family saying Congratulations and god bless your little bundle of joy... I thought to myself that was fast as hell. well we were flying to Canada really soon.. like tomorrow soon.. I was already packed but I had a doctors appointment in the morning so I need to get my sleep.. but the thing was I wasn't tired.. at all.. so when we got back I ate some grapes and then layed on the couch and watched some TV but I started to get bored of it so I was on my computer when I say a picture of me and Justin when we went to the grocery store 2 days ago and Justin kissing me and touching my belly... I was like holy shit... no. I told Justin right away and he was in so much shock.. he took to twitter and told the beliebers before news got out to them then we called his family to tell them before they found out.. it was horrible that wasn't the way that we wanted everyone to find out.. it sucked.. I hated TMZ so much for doing that to us..well we got some hate from his fans but mostly the tweets were saying was Awwwww Congratulations we love you gianna and Justin so most were good.. his family was shocked but happy for us... I closed my laptop and put it down Justin laid over my and went down and kissed my belly and talked to out son/daughter it was the cutest thing ever.. tomorrow was the day where we have to get another ultra sound so I was happy another picture of the baby(:






[A/N so guys I felt like that's something TMZ would do if this was real so you know.. had to put that in there... lets find out what happens tomorrow at the doctors appointment... its a huge shock.. trust me... well love you all and goodnight cause here its 2:11 am and yeah its really late bye... enjoy this chapter<3]

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