My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


5. Oh My..(:

Oh my god I was so nervous too hear what Justin had to say.. what if he was going to tell me I was just his bestfriend.. oh my god what was it he paused for so long before he said something.. I looked at him and kept staring at him intill he looked at me and saw me staring.. then he said...

Justin- Gianna I have known you for about 8 years maybe longer! I have something really really important to ask you.

Me- What is it Justin?

I was trying not to start crying I was seriously so nervous..

Justin- well I.. just.. say... that.. I have always gianna I mean always really really liked you and well I really would like it if you would be my girlfriend.. I know this is really short notice but I have always wanted you to be with me in that way I just never actually thought that you liked me and I still don't know but its time for me to grow a pair and ask you to be my girlfriend..

I was speechless I started to cry (happy tears) at first I didn't know what to say I was in so much shock then all of a sudden..

Me- YES!! omg Justin I have felt the same way like the exact same way and I was going to tell you tomorrow how I felt about you but I didn't I should have told you sooner maybe we would have been together sooner.. omg Justin yes yes yes a million times yes I will be your girlfriend<3

Justin- omg I thought you were going to say no I really did I never actually knew you had feelings for me I really didn't I always thought you liked me as just a friend and nothing else I am so surprised right now!

Me- omg love you so much Justin!! im really tired can we go to sleep?

Justin- of course princess love you too im so happy we are together I really am! omg I should have asked you this like a year ago.. are you going to tell Ari?

Me- Yea ill call her after I finish cleaning up and then after I get ready for bed..

Justin- good idea I hope she is okay with this.. I really do and you should tell Kylee and Angela..

Me- I will call them tomorrow morning and tell them ill just call Kaylee and Ari tonight.. I think they should be like the very first people to know don't you?

Justin- yeah they are your family so yeah they should be the first..

Me- okay let me go get clothes for bed..

Justin- okay lets go..

Justin and I walk down stairs I put my phone on the charge and then walked to the bathroom to remove my makeup and to change.. as I walk back downstairs I was so happy  I couldn't stop smiling then I walked in my room say Justin and he handed me my phone and then told me

Justin- Its time to call them

Me- yes it is

I took my phone out of Justins hands and sat next to him he put his hand on my leg and leaned in to kiss me we kissed for about 5 minutes before pulling away and then I made the calls...

First I called Ariana

Ari- Hey girly whats up? its kinda late is something wrong?

Me- Hey and no I just have some great news to tell you.

Ari- ahhh omg I like great news what is it?

Me- well you know Justin is in town.. and he is staying with me right?

Ari- Yeah

Me- well he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes I actually started crying haha


Me- okay

I hand Justin the phone so Ari can talk to him

Justin- Hello?

Ari- OMG finally you asked her it took you long enough..

Justin- I know sorry it took me so long to ask her I just didn't know how to ask her..

Ari- well at least you did it well I have to go im in the studio recording.. and im getting the hand so I gotta go congrats and I love you both tell her that night guys talk to you guys tomorrow.

Justin- we love you too night and have fun. bye

Justin hands me my phone after he hung up..

me- whats wrong?

Justin- nothing im just so happy your my girlfriend

Me- and im happy your my boyfriend I think ill call kaylee tomorrow im really tierd and my head is starting to hurt so lets call it a night okay?

Justin- good idea goodnight beautiful

Justin kissed me passionately and I curled up in his arms this was the first time I was able to say that I am finally dating Justin bieber!! I love him so much and I fell asleep in his arms I was so happy to be there too..








( A/N hey guys I told you that you guys would get another chapter.. I had a pretty fun day with my boyfriend(: so I decided to write haha but my head really hurts so im going to lay down now I hop you like this chapter like comment or favorite<3 please and thank you another chapter will come tomorrow maybe even two chapters.. love you all night)

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