My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


11. Movies And DINNER

we arrived at the restaurant around 9:10 or so.. we walked in and they sat us right away me and Justin talked about everything.... from his music to what we will do tomorrow,, I love him so much he is my bestfriend, partner in crime, the love of my life and my boyfriend I couldn't ask for anyone better. at around 10 pm we had just paid and then we left for the movies it wasn't far because the movie theater was right next to the restaurant we went to.. he wanted to go see Oculus he knew I hated scary movies but I know he loves them a lot! but I wanted to go see Divergent.. so we compromised, tonight we will see Oculus and tomorrow after the concert we will come see Divergent it was fine with me.. he payed for our tickets and we walked in the movie theater there was a lot of teenagers here I was so nervous that I was going to get mobbed by girls. but only 3 girls came up to us that wasn't that bad.. as soon as the movie started I was already freaking out.. and it wasn't even 2 minutes into it

Justin-Babe you will be okay im never going to let anything bad happen to you I love you

Me- thanks baby I love you too...

Justin- im right here relax

he could tell that I was scared and it sucked.. I hate being afraid of movies.. well the movie lasted an hour.. after it was over before the lights came on we got up and left so that we didn't get mobbed because I hated that more then anything, we were heading home when we got pulled over, I don't know what for I didn't realize till after that I was doing 80 on the side street and that's why I had gotten pulled over.. well because of Justin we got off with a warning, we got home finally and I went right to bed I was super tired and I wasn't feeling good I thought maybe I was getting sick..

Justin-Babe you alright?

Me-yeah im okay I think im coming down with a cold or something ill be fine trust me

Justin-okay lets go lay in bed and watch some TV

Me- okay

we got to the room and I just went right to sleep I didn't take my makeup off or anything I just fell asleep. The next morning came and I was feeling a little bit better when I got up, I wasn't as sick I was just really tired so I didn't think anything of it, tonight is the first concert of his here in Chicago the next one is in 3 days Justin was so excited that I was coming to the show... me on the other hand was not to thrilled I hate being mobbed by girls and being asked questions and its just horrible and im not feeling well so it even worse, but ill deal with it and put on a happy smile for him... its 11:36 AM and I had just got done drinking some coffee and I had already showered and got dressed for tonight.. Justin came up stairs from my room all frantic and jittery I didn't have the slightest clue what was wrong.. and I didn't even ask him he just smiled at me as he ran back and forth through the house..

Me- Everything ok?

Justin-yeah I'm just umm well nervous

Me- about?

Justin-tonight I have a big surprise for the beliebers and well im scared

I grabbed him and kissed his lips and whispered in his ear "everythings going to be alright" he smiled and shook his head okay.. he ran into the bathroom and he showered he came out in just a towel my jaw dropped I was thinking did he get them abs over night or whats going on? I was like wow, he is all mine, im so happy..

Justin- Ba--------

he paused and then saw me staring at him, he came up to be grabbed my waist and then picked me up and said......... You can have me tonight and walked away.. I was like holy jeez I cannot wait for tonight to come!






[A/N hey guys this chapter is a tad bit short I have been working on it for a long time now I really haven't been writing because im in collage and its hard to keep up with everything and I wasn't happy this summer a lot has been going on and its been really crazy but im back home now because im getting knee surgery so ill be on a lot more!!! I love you guys so much please keep reading im so sorry!:(   ]


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