My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


16. Mall..

There wasn't that many teenagers in this store.. until we walked through the whole store then walked out into the mall.. I didn't want to admit it but I thought it would be worse then what it was.. he took pictures with a few people then I took pictures with them, but it wasn't that many girls.. a couple guy beliebers that was all.. it was pretty decent we went tp pretty much every store I got a few things that Justin wouldn't let me pay for myself he insisted.. that kinda made me made.. but I mean its fine.. I guess.. well I went into the Michael Kors store to look for a new purse they were so much money I walked out and I couldn't find Justin when I turn around for the 3rd time there he was behind me with a bag in his hand and he didn't want to give it to me till we got home.. I said whatever and then we went to the food court and sat down for a little we ate since I was able to eat again! well now we are in the car.. I turn the radio on and listening to music when Jason Derulo's song Trumpets came on I was singing and dancing it was fun to have someone with me that I loved and trusted so much...

Him- did you have a good day?

me- yeah it was good.. not as many people as I thought came up to you at all.. I thought it would have been way more..

Him- I told you its not that bad.. when I go out to dinner and stuff its worse but that's different.

me- well just remember I have a doctor tomorrow morning at 9.. did you wanna come with me if not you can stay at the house and sleep I think lauren is coming with

Him- ill stay home and wait for you to get back.. you need a girls day

Me- not really.. but thanks

I smiled at him.... we finally got back home at around 6ish... we didn't really do anything for the rest of the day.. we just relaxed and had conversations watched some movies ate Chinese food... YUMM! that's about it..around 11:30 almost 12 maybe I started to fell sick to my stomach I didn't know what it was but it kept coming back around this time, so many things went through my head... such as Pregnancy, Food poisoning, Stomach FLU, Cancer.. everything I just hated this I thought it went away! well Justin heard me throwing up and came and held my hair back.. that night I slept on the bathroom floor... I was sick the whole night thank god for the doctor...








[ A/N well guys its been awhile since I last uploaded a chapter but I have had a lot going on... I had Knee Surgery I don't know if I said that but I got it done finally! it only took me a Year.. anyway and I have been filming my youtube videos.. but I just haven't really uploaded any.. cause I don't think they are good. well next chapter we will find out whats wrong with her(;  also please keep reading and liking it means a lot even if my story isn't that great.. it still means a lot!]


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