My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


18. Girls day and telling Justin....

I was having a pretty decent day with Lauren after I got the news we went shopping out the eat, and back to her place where we talked for hours... but now its time for me to go home and tell my boyfriend, that im well pregnant... ugh.. so sacred to tell him but I shouldn't be...  Well I left Lauren's apartment around 5 to get home she doesn't live that far maybe like 10 minutes depending on traffic, I listened to music before I got to my house... uh this is it I have to go in and tell him what happen.. do I wait do I tell him now.. uhh at this point from over thinking im crying not knowing what to do.. well I fix myself up get out of the car and go inside... He is in my room because he wasn't in the living room or kitchen, so I walk in my room he isn't there either, I text him and wait for a response im crying again at this point so.. I know im just over reacting and dreading telling my family but what if you were 18 years old finding out your pregnant and instead of buying clothes for you its for a new life now? its crazy to just think about.. he finally is back and he came down stairs and saw me crying so he ran to me and gave me a giant hug.. I just came out and said it to him I felt bad... but I had to..

Me- Justin.. im pregnant

Justin- what?! how wait are you joking?

Me- No.. if I was I wouldn't be crying this much...

Justin- its okay its okay.. we will umm get trough this..

Me- im so young I have my whole life ahead of me

Justin- I know but things happen for a reason and honestly it will be okay.. I promise

Me- I hop your right.. I am a month pregnant..

Justin- so you were pregnant the very first time?

Me- the very first time we had sex I got pregnant....

Justin- we have to tell our families?

Me- I know but im scared to tell mine... im only 18..

Justin- im 20

me- yeah I know.. we are young... uh

Justin- when do you want to tell them?

Me- soon.. I cant keep this from my family..

Justin- ok.. we can tell mine when we fly to Canada in a few weeks...

me- ok.. I think im just going to lay down for a while because im tired and I just don't want to do anything anymore... uh

Justin- okay. lay down ill wake you up in about an hour or so..


I laid down and I couldn't fall asleep at all I thought maybe if I tried I would get this off ym mind.. I mean no matter what im going to love this baby till the day I die, I love him/her already it just sucks cause im young.. but its ok.. everything will be fine unless I tell my mom and dad.. i'm so scared to so tell them.. I know they will be disappointed in me.. but they will be okay with it.... I hope.. this is so hard.. I didn't think that this could happen to me.. but it did and im living with it.. that's that... Justin came down and hour later and laid next to me and just held me the rest of the night no talking, just us laying down and him holding me close.. then I finally drifted off to sleep..



[A/N I think this is a pretty short chapter but not much to write,,, I uploaded 3 today so I think im done intill maybe tomorrow after physical Therapy for my knee.. well love you guys ] 

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