My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


7. getting umm....

( A/N okay this chapter has sexual content please if you don't want to read it don't read this.. NO HATE..)

Justin lifted me up off the counter and carried me all the way downstairs when we got to my room he was still holding me...he laid me on the bed him still on top of me and making out with me.. I can feel him getting hard. I couldn't help but giggle he stopped for a minute and looked up at me..

Justin- gianna I wont go any further with you if you don't want to I don't want to pressure you if you don't want too.

Me- Justin come closer...

he came closer I grabbed his head and kissed him, he didn't pull away this time.. he started to take off my tanktop he got it all the way off then he started to kiss my neck and I moaned softly as he did this.. he then started kissing my stomach and then he took off my shorts and he came back up to my face and started to kiss me again.. he un hooked my bra and then took off my underwear, he didn't stand up but he got up and just looked at my body he smiled and I started to blush..

JUSTIN- wow baby your so beautiful

Me- thanks babe

he started again he made out with me he then took off his boxers and he took himself and thrusted in and out of me fast then slow I didn't want to moan but I started too, he smiled at me.. he got down but still inside me thrusting in and out slower now but now he was kissing me I clawed at his back I dug my nails in to him... he didn't mind I don't think but I didn't care it hurt but felt good at the same time.. he sat back up and now he was going deeper and faster then ever I couldn't help but moan loudly it felt good... he groaned as he reached his climax so did I he plopped down next to me out of breath.. I couldn't breath either..

Me- Justin..

I managed to say his name but between words I had to take a deep breath..

Justin- you okay baby?

Me- yes.... that.... was..... ummm... AMAZING

Justin- I know it was... you don't know how long ive been wanting to do that to you and I finally did and im glad I waited because it was just ufff amazing..

Me- I love you..

Justin- I love you too

I started to smile and I was scared to see his back I knew what I had done and I felt really bad.. I don't know If he cares but I was really scared

Me- Justin can you turn over and let me see you back?

Justin- Sure??? why?

Me- I want to see something

I smiled so he didn't think anything suspicious.. he did and I saw his back it was bleeding I felt so bad I started to cry I hurt him.. I was freaking out

Justin- whats wrong baby why are you crying?

Me- I hurt you Justin

Justin- no you didn't im fine babe relax

Me- NO Justin I hurt you look in the mirror

Justin got out of the bed and looked in the mirror he saw that his back was bleeding and looked back at you and smiled at you and started to laugh


Justin- no you didn't baby we made love and you were having fun im fine I didn't even feel it happen and I don't feel it now to be honest..

I really didn't believe him but I just smiled and nodded... he was at the edge of the bed and then he threw me my clothes I but my clothes on and stood up... I walked over to him and grabbed his waist then I looked up and kissed him before walking upstairs..








( A/N sorry guys I didn't know what to write so my friends kinda helped me with this one. hope its not bad) 

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