My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


4. Finally Home.. The truth?

We finally reached my house after like two hours in traffic.. it was the worst experience of my life I wasn't ready to tell Justin that I liked him but keeping it from him might be hard since he will be living with me for like two to three weeks so I will have to tell him.. so many thoughts were going through my head at this point..

Kylee- well now that we are back I am late for work so I better go. bye Justin & bye Gianna

I walked over to Kylee and gave her a hug and whispered something in her ear  so Justin couldn't hear what I had to say  then I walked away from the hug and back to Justin.. then Justin gave Kylee a hug and then she left.

Me- So Justin what do you want to do tonight?

Justin- umm relax and watch movies and order a Hawaiian pizza & a pan cheese for you beautiful(:

Me- okay we can do that.. then we can go somewhere tomorrow..

Justin- okay what room do I stay in??

Me- mine I only have my one room now remember? I knocked out a few walls and stuff to make more room in my new house(:

Justin winked at me and then said...

Justin- Okay (; im going to put my stuff in your room then be right back..

Me- okay I will order the pizza and take out all my movies(:

Justin- okay make sure they are scary.. and maybe one comedy(;

Me- okay mister go put your stuff away see you in a minute..

Justin walked down the stairs to put his stuff in my room.. I picked up a menu and ordered our food then I walked into the living room and took out all the scary movies I had and then I took my favorite classic movie.. The Long Long Trailer  it was my favorite movie.. Then I felt someone come up from behind me and tickled me.. of course it was Justin..

Me- Justin STOP you know I hate being tickled!!

Justin- Yeah I know so I like your house!

Me- thank you.. I mean its been almost a year since you where last here...

Justin- yeah I know im so sorry for that but..

I cut him off

Me- Justin your beliebers come first!! remember I was one of them! I still am one of them

Justin- thanks

Me- For what?

Justin- For always being there and knowing what to say..

me- Aww stop your making me blush!!

Justin- sorry.. okay lets watch this movie and wait for our pizza..

Me- okay which one?

Justin- your favorite movie..

Me- Okay(:

Justin- stop getting cheesy hahahah

Me- okay fine ill be sad..

me and Justin always teased about that haha I love him he is my bestfriend.what if he doesn't like me the way I liked him now I was getting nervous.. I put in my movie.. and then the door bell rang it was the pizza guy.. I paid took the pizza sat down next to Justin and clicked play on the movie.. then ate our pizza..finally my movie ended and Justin wanted me to put in hills have eyes 2..

me- im seriously going to be so scared

Justin- its okay I will be right here if you need me

Me- your the one that will most likely scare me half to death by saying boo..

Justin- no not tonight

Me- okay you better not..

Justin- I wont I promise you..

Me- okay

I clicked play.. and I found myself curled up in justins arms..scared to death and I don't know why I have seen this movie a bunch of times with all my friends..

 Justin- Gianna its okay its just a movie..

Me- I know but im really scared and I don't know why I have seen this movie over 50 times!

Justin- I don't either then but your safe in my arms

So many thoughts were going through my head at this point.. [maybe Justin did like me] [maybe he doesn't] [maybe he is just being a good friend]  all I know was I was so confused but I think I should tell him.. then there was a part of me that didn't want to tell him because I was scared of what his reaction will be..

Justin- its over are you okay?

Me- yeah im okay thanks for asking

Justin- anytime(;

Me- so Justin how is tour?

Justin- Its so much fun you are coming to my concert on Tuesday right?

Me- yeah ill come with you duh!!

Justin- I knew that aha

Me- well um Justin..

Justin- wait before you say anything I have something to tell you..

I was so scared..







(A/N haha well this chapter I think is okay.. but I don't know I guess it will be up to you guys!! lol well guys its midnight here!!! I will try and write another chapter tomorrow! but it depends on what I have planed.. but most likely tomorrow night expect one(: I love you guys!! forever a family<3 good night)

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