My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


9. Driving Downtown(:

we got into the car . as we were driving to go pick up Daniella we were all just talking.. about random shit. to be honest i really didn't know all i could think about was this afternoon when me and Justin had sex.. i was like so much in shock that it happened so fast i think Justin could tell something was wrong because like every 5 minutes he would ask if i was okay. i always had the same answer.....yes..... we finally got to Daniella's house she got in the car and now we were headed downtown.. the car ride was kinda awkward with Justin but when we finally got downtown he was way better... he held my hand and carried my niece we were having a good time we got to the shed aquarium and we paid then walked in my niece wanted to see the dolphins so we all went to that exhibit... to be honest i love dolphins too so it was okay..


me and Daniella sat separate from my sister and Justin that had my daughter they were so cute together..

Daniella- they are so cute like honestly they would be very good parents why don't you have them watch her tonight so we can go have fun we don't go out anymore Sonia...

Me- i know we don't but i mean they just started dating i don't think they would want to watch a baby tonight..

Daniella- you never know... just ask them..

Me- lets just have fun right now maybe ill ask them later?

Daniella- okay girly.

Me- Justin after this do you want to bring my niece to see the stingrays?

Justin- Sure babe lets tell your sister and Daniella where we are going

Me- okay lets go tell them

we both stood up and walked to where Sonia and Daniella where sitting to tell them that we were going to take the baby with us

Me- hey guys me and Justin are going to take the baby to the sting rays you guys can stay here or come it doesn't matter.

Sonia- um we will finish this show then come okay. keep my updated on where you are

Me- okay see you guys soon

me and Justin took the baby to see the sting rays we both held her hand the whole way there occasionally swing her to make her laugh.. she was really shy so we tried to make her really comfortable with other people..  just pulled me close and kissed my head

Justin- one day we will have a family. and you will be a great mom

Me- thanks babe. you will eventually be a great father too

Justin- thanks baby girl..

Natalia- Auntie can we go get some ummmm ummy? i hungry.

she gave me the puppy dog eyes so smiled at her

Me- sure sweetie what do you want?

Natalia- i don kno... call mommy she has snacks.

Me-Okay baby girl hold on

i pulled out my phone and called my sister she asked where we were i told her she told me she would be here in less then a minute so when Sonia came here she said why don't we just go out to lunch? we all agreed and left the shed aquarium..








( A/N heeeeey guys so i uploaded to chapters now but now im going to eat dinner.. umm i hope you like them.. if not sorry.. well follow me on Twitter please? GiannaElaine143 <<< that's my name on it i am trying to hit 1K thank you guys for reading this it means a lot)


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