My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


20. Doctor; then Canada here we come!

I wake up earlier then I normally would.. but oh well I get dressed grabbed my purse and waited for Justin to pack the car so we can get to the doctor then off to the airport.. fun stuff right.. not really well we arrived to the doctor at 8 am my appointment is at 8;15 am our flight takes off at 10:30 am so we have some time well anyway they called me back into the room for my 2nd ultrasound.. I was so excited and I can tell Justin was too, we waited for the doctor to come and then he started to put the jell on but he measured my stomach first to make sure I was measuring right. he said I was a little bigger then normal, but its okay.. he then squirted on the jell stuff and It was cold as hell, he was moving around intill he found the heart beat but he said something not me or Justin expected to hear... TWINS. my mouth dropped open and Justin was in shock... I didn't know how this was going to play out.. well he took a few pictures then he talked to us about a lot of stuff and said he would see me back within the next 3 weeks I said okay.. he left us alone for a moment while he went to get the pictures from the ultra sound Justin broke down in tears he was happy but confused on how it ended up being twins.. I was just in as much shock as he was maybe more.. I was more scared then anything.. like I know how one baby is but 2... wow. we got the ultrasound pictures and then we got in the car and off to the airport we go...  we arrived a half hour early and just checked in and stuff like that we waited to board the flight me and Justin barely talked while we sat there.. I think it was just a lot for him to take in all at once.. I mean it was but I don't know I tried to talk to him but everytime I would only get a once word answer or nothing.. he just had a blank stare on his face..

Me- you don't have to stay with me you know..

Him- WHAT THE FUCK.. are you talking about? of course im staying with you I didn't wait this long to make you mine to just blow all that.. your mine and that's that... im happy im just really shocked.. like thats a lot to take in within an hour..

Me- I know that Justin but come on we cant change it now, its too late, they are here to stay... okay

Him- I know and like I said Im happy just shocked and thats all I didn't know that this would happen.. I was really carful

Me- it only takes one time for a life to change but its okay we will do this..

Him- well you know I have the concert up here.. thats why im going to Canada right?

Me- yeah I know don't worry ill stay with your dad and the kids..

Him- you can come with to the concert im just telling you..

Me- I know that I will but when your at rehearsals I can stay there since your mom is in LA.

Him- okay then

We boarded the flight we were off to Canada... I was scared to get on this flight with him.. it just doesn't seem like he wants me anymore. but he said he does.. I guess we will see..

we arrived in Canada around 11:45 or something like that we got in the car and headed to his dads house.. it was a little nuts to be here I haven't been out of the USA before I mean no I haven't like at all its crazy to think that im right above it with a guy I love and care for so much... but now he is acting distant maybe when he sees his dad he will calm down a little bit, we still have tot ell everyone that its twins thats the crazy part about this.. oh well His concert is in 6 hours from.. so we had to go get ready and off to the venue, we got to his dads house and it was a little crazy we walked in and we were greeted but everyone.. it was crazy.. I love his family they all hugged me then jazzy and Jaxson came up to me and touched my belly and hugged me and it was just the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I love this so much.. his dad came up to me and gave the biggest hug ever.. we put our stuff in a room then we went back downstairs and we had to leave from there.. we gave them the passes and then we had to leave so we did just that.. we got in the car and we were off the this crazy sold out concert..









[A/N well guys its pretty cold right now here and im freezing trying to type this so I had to stop it here.. ill upload tonight sometime.. but I hope you enjoy this chapter as well.. it was okay but I feel like my story is getting boring.. tell me what you guys want to hear about next? oh and I decided to stop this book after the babies are born then I will start a book about them and the babies so yeah.. well soon ill tell you what the are having(: bye ]

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