My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


12. Concert..

We were on our way to the Allstate arena but Justin wanted something to eat so we got the allstate about 20 min later then we should have, Scooter and Allison and fredo were all there they all came up to me and said Hi I walked with Justin to his dressing room I have not been back stage in so long its been maybe a year since I have... I was happy for him I was watching him get dressed and he was running through steps he always does that right before his shows . it was around 6:45 and he had to be on stage by 7 so I walked with him hand and hand back stage I gave him one last kiss and walked with fredo in the pit I was going to cry for the first time in so long I have missed him and honestly this is the best feeling ever, his show started and everyone was screaming his name and crying and all I saw were girls freaking out and wanting to be with him or meet him so what I did was take 3 girls all friends with me back stage right before Justin sang one less lonely girl. Their names are Sophia, Briana, and Jessica... they were adorable they were 12,14,and 11 well I took them back stage and waited I knew Justin was going to bring me on stage he already told me but what he doesn't know is that there will be 4 girls on stage with him....

Me- are you girls ready for this

Sophia- I know I am

Briana-Hell Yeah I am freaking out please ohmygeez

Jessica was already crying so all she did was nod well When the dancers brought us out Justin's face was priceless! he was in shock of what I did!! all his beliebers scram at the top of their lungs it was crazy I didn't know if I could handle it, but I pulled through the whole performance... I was proud of myself, well Justin had one more song then we are going to go out to dinner with everyone and then home, I was feeling sick again but this time I was just not myself I don't know whats wrong but I guess I should go see a doctor.. well Justin's concert had ended and they had just got done cleaning everything up it was about 11:48 pm and I was getting tired but I promised him that I would make it through tonight and dinner! well we walked out side toward the car and Justin saw some fans not a lot but just a few so we went hand and hand up to them so he can sign some autographs the girls did not speak once they were all crying and yeah well he took pictures and stuff and yeah well we finally left and got to the restaurant.. it was crowded but it wasn't well the gave us a table for 5... me, Allison, Justin, scooter, and  Alfredo... we talked for a bit then we got dropped off at my house... Justin picked me up and then before I knew it we were making out..........







[ A/N hey you'll this chapter is short I think and well im going to write another one the next one is going to be SEXUAL CONTENT!!!! if your gunna hate don't read... im new at writing this shit but I love writing so I am going to do it anyway also you guys can follow me on Twitter if you want my USername is @GiannaElaine143 please follow and yeah well also me and my bestfriend are going to start up our youtube channel so here is that username as well

Lauren  AndGianna please help us get views and subscriptions love you guys]

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