My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


23. back in chicago.

We landed in Chicago around 12 we had a delay for some reason.. when we finally got back from the airport we went back to the house I texted my mom to tell her what was going on with me and that I was back not even 20 minutes later she was at our door telling me she Is going to stay and help while Justin was on tour.. I didn't want to tell him this but I am so scared that he is going to miss the birth of the babies because even though im only 3 months pregnant and he is touring for I believe 5 more months im due at around 71/2 months or 8 if they could hold off.. he will be gone most of my pregnancy and it will suck but I don't want him to cancel his tour like he wants too, he keeps insisting that he does and its getting really annoying but on the other hand im going to be on bed rest and I would love him to stay with me, is that selfish? I don't know if it is or not.. my mom has work and she cant miss it so I really don't want her to stay with me, I don't know what to tell him at this point, maybe I should go with? maybe not.. I keep over thinking this and I honestly have no clue on what to say to him.

Me: Justin? can we talk?

Him: of course

me: I really don't want you to go but I really don't want you to let your fans down.. I don't know what you should do but im scared that im going to be alone in this and even though my mom is here it still sucks because I don't want her to miss work. I don't know

at this point im crying my eyes out, I see Justin's face look at me and then he comes up to me and hugs me and kisses my head and just holds me for a good 5 minutes or so

him: babe look im not going to go I had already messaged scooter and he canceled the tour and we refunded the money and then some to all the fans I took to twitter to explain the situation. and they are all understanding about it they get it babe its okay im here forever... i promise

i felt so bad so i took to twitter to apologize to everyone for everything and i got great feed back them telling me they understand and they hope everything is better soon and they are just really caring but of course you have those few that are assholes and dont care about anything but im not going to focus on those people, focus on the good not the bad.

me: i love you so much thank you for everything babe, i know this is hard for you and im sorry i just cant do this alone, and you know that. if this was going to be a healthy pregnancy i would just go on tour with you but its not going to be and i feel bad but im sorry

Him: look babe its okay I love you so much and our little monkeys i cant wait for them to be here but that doesnt mean that they can come early so you do what you are told, i love you and everything will be alright i promise.

me: i know it will be, they will come when time is right. i cannot wait but i can maybe we can go shopping tomorrow or something?

him: online no going out for you,

me: please babe i really want to go shopping and start this whole process like a normal pregancny please?

Him: okay fine but you better get cleared by the doctor first i am not taking you out until he says its okay

me:fine ill make an appointment for tomorrow deal?

him: okay love

finally things feel like normal even if they are not im so excited to see the babies again its so weird and cool at the same time. hearing their heart beat and seeing them grow is amazing im so happy to be their mother even if i am young it just means i can love them a little longer

its about 8:30 at night now and im so tired and just want to sleep.. so i am just going to do that, ahh my bed finally








[A/N i am so sorry i couldnt figure out my password for the longest and then i started school again and everything is hectic im back now and honestly i had writers block too so i am sitting at the hospital right now with my aunt waiting for my great aunt to get out of a major surgery and i took the time just to sit do school work and write this chapter.. ill probably start another one, thanks again guys for reading and likeing this story love you all]

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