My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


25. almost time for MY baby shower!!!

     so at this point I'm exhausted we got home pretty late i guess it was like 8:30 pm but for me it was late and i was really tired and my feet were swollen.. so i plopped on the couch as soon as we walked through the door,justin kept watching me and starring at me and smiling like i was wondering what he was thinking i felt really bad still that he had to cancel the rest of his tour for me, i really wish he didn't do that cause its all my fault .. i really just want him to be happy and i hope he is...


Justin's POV

​ damn i can't stop looking at her, i really love this girl and i would do anything for her she is perfect and i cannot wait for my daughters to be here she will be a great mom and i honestly can't wait to be a dad.. my kids will have everything and anything they will be my little angels and forever daddies little girls. I'm going to ask this wonderful women to marry me, and she will be my wife.. gosh i love her<3 

Gianna's POV

why the hell is he staring at me.. 

Me: why are you staring at me?

justin: just because your beautiful and i love you so much and i can't stop admiring you..

Me: aww i love you too my love.. can you come rub my feet please?

Justin:yes i will come and rub your feet (justin laughs) 

Me: thank you. so what are we going to do tomorrow night ?

Justin: i was thinking maybe have your family over for dinner tomorrow and maybe my mom since she is in town..

Me: that sounds nice. do you want to call them or should I?

Justin: i will call them if you want.. now wait what do you want to have for dinner?

​Me: i can cook Pasta with my homemade gravy? 

Justin: yes that sounds great..should we invite karissa?

Me; yes maybe she will come shopping with me to grab everything tonight.. 

Justin: yes ill call her now for you, why don't you go get dressed and then you guys can go? 

Me: okay i will.. 

Justin okay my love.

so i walked out of the living room and down the stairs to my room.. i took off my jeans and my shirt and threw on some joggers and a tank top with a sweater on top.. i got a text from karissa and her asking me if i was ready. she was on her way.. i texted her back saying yes within like 2 minutes she was outside the house.. it was like 9:30 PM and i was tired but i was happy to be going out with her too see her, I've missed her so much.. i haven't seen her in what feels like months when its only been like 2 weeks maybe 3.. she hugged me as soon as i walked into the car.. she is truly my bestfriend i tell her everything and anything.. 

Karissa: I have missed you so much girly..

Me: i missed you too, are you coming for dinner tomorrow? 

​Karissa: yes i am i won't miss it.. 

Me: good! cause i really miss you 

Karissa: how are you? how are my nieces doing in there? 

Me: they are good and kicking non stop now.. seems like its taking forever for them to be here.. 

Karissa: dont rush it let them grow too as big as they want to be.. 

Me: yeah I guess. 

Karissa and i pull up to the store we get out and go in I i grab everything i need to make the gravy and a few other things that i was craving, karissa keeps acting so weird but its okay cause, she is always weird. lol well we loaded up the car and now all i wanna do is sleep but that won't happen tonight; so i am going to hang out with karissa for a little bit so we are going to get ice cream, after we got ice cream, i went home and literally plopped down on the couch, within like 5 minutes i was knocked out. 





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