My Bestfriend<3

Gianna is Justin Bieber's bestfriend they always use to be around eachother intill Justin became famous.. what happens when gianna reveals her feeling to Justin? find out by reading(:


13. After Concert(;


he threw me on the couch making out so hard core I didn't think that this could happen I was in like heaven.... he literally ripped my shirt off unbuttoned my pants kissed my lips, my neck, my stomach...... till he got down to my vagina that would be the first time I had ever got that done.... it was amazing!! I then took off his shirt then his pants then boxers! he took his penis and stuck it inside my vagina this hurt a little but it mostly felt good! I was letting out light moans as was he... I never thought that this would be us in a million years, he tursted in and out of me when we were both going to hit our climax he didn't pull out he wasn't wearing a condom and it wouldn't have been the first time he has done this the very first time we had sex this happened I was on the pill and I took it everyday so I didn't mind it would help! we finally finished it was amazing... I was mind blown! I love him with all my heart<3 I didn't mind the whole no condom deal... and he didn't either I was surprised I felt his penis get hard once again so we went for round two... it was exhausting!

Him- WOW! wow.. I love you

Me- I love you more


me- always

Him- lets go downstairs and cuddle naked

Me- ahaha okay Justin(;

we went downstairs we did cuddle and watch some movies I don't think we slept at all .. I got out of bed at around noon we had nothing to do today I heard knock at the door so I just thre on one of justins shirts andwent to answer it... big mistake......... it was mom she had come to see me because she missed me she only lives like 9 blocks away but I missed her a lot! well she came in and saw my messy living room from the night before... I think she knew that I had sex she was pretty upset with me but she cant tell me I cant...

Mom- sweetheart? who is here?

Me- Justin?????

Mom- thank god


mom-because I knew that you two would get together soon enough..

Me- MOM!! stop that's gross that you know that

mom- well is he asleep

me- yeah long night

mom- I can tell

me- so what you doing here

mom- I miss you and wanted to come see you

me- okay? whats the catch

mom- okay you got me

me- what?

mom- can your.... cousin Brittney come stay with you for a couple days?

me- ummmmmm do I have a choice?

mom- not really she is outside... she wont even bother you I promise

me- sure I don't care

mom- THank you

she gave me a kiss and walked outside I tried to pick some stuff up but it didn't happen in time... my cousin walked in and saw me standing there in a guys shirt and her jaw dropped

me- hi brit

her why? do I even ask???

mom- she had sex last night

me- MOM!!! what the fuck

brit- ohhh boyfriend

me-yeah non of your business

brit- okay where do I stay???

me- Through the kitchen first door on your right... guest bedroom

mom- love you guys thanks again gianna<3 love you

me- love you too

brit- love you auntie

my mom left and it was me a brit..

me- well girl im tired so im going to go lay down in my bed upp your room has a tv and a channel guide food in kitchen help yourself love you see you in a little bit okay..

Brit- okay girl yeah get some sleep ill see you soon

I walked downstairs went and cuddled into Justin he looked so cute sleeping well he woke up and grabbed me and kissed my lips hard.... I pulled away because this couldn't end up in sex lol I told him why I explained my cousins here for a few days and I cant have sex right now I don't want her to hear us.... but I told him I love him and then we fell asleep ..








[A/N well I hope you guys enjoy its kinda sexual I don't know well love you all im off to bed<3]

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