As Long As You Love Me

Cassandra Christensen is a model/dancer. When she is asked to go on tour with heart throb Justin Bieber, sparks begin to fly between the two. There's only one thing standing in the way of them being together though, Cassandra's brother Hayden. Can these love birds conquer Hayden's hatred towards Justin? Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1

Cassie's P.O.V

I walked into the large building with my manager, Jordan by my side.
Today I had a meeting with Justin Bieber for reasons that I wasn't
told. As Jordan and I proceeded down the long narrow hallway, I took
in the scent of a sweet smelling raspberry candle. I continued to
follow Jordan and while doing so, I seemed to be following the scent
of the candle. Jordan stopped at a door and opened it. He motioned for
me to go in first. I did so with no second thoughts. I sat at the long
table across from Justin.

"Hello Ms. Christensen." Justin's manager greeted me.

"I go by Cassie." I stated casually as I shook his hand.

"Okay. Cassie. You can call me Scooter. And as you know this is
Justin." Justin looked up from his lap and gave me a small smile. I
responded by waving.

"Oh um, this is my manager, Jordan." I said as I motioned over to him.
"So what are we discussing here?"

"I'm doing a tour for my album, Believe. Have you listened to it?"

"I've heard bits and pieces. Why?"

"Well I want you to go on tour with me."

"Um...I need to look over my schedule and make sure it's not going to
interfere with anything."

"Actually, I made sure of that when everything was planned." Jordan
said. "It will all fit into your schedule perfectly."

"What would I do on tour?"

"Dance...and be Justin's fake girlfriend." Jordan said

"So a publicity stunt?" I asked and Jordan nodded. "Has Hayden been
consulted about this?"

"Yes. He wasn't for it at first, but he's okay with it long
as you and Justin do not become more than what you should"

Since I live with Hayden and he's my legal guardian, I have to follow
his rules, which means no dating. He doesn't want me to get distracted
from my career.

I nodded my head at all of them. "So when do we leave?" I asked smiling.

"Next week. Until then, you and Justin will be spending time with each
other." Scooter said.

I inhaled a fair amount of oxygen and took everything in. Afterwards,
I exhaled. "Okay. So are we finished here?"

"We are." Jordan said, motioning at himself and Scooter. "However, you
and Justin have a lunch 'date'."

"I guess we should go then." Justin said as he stood from his chair.
He was taller than I imagined. Especially since I'm only 5'3. We all
exited the room and the building as well.

Justin led me over to his car and opened the door for me. I got in and
he shut it. He then jogged over to his side and got in as well,
starting the car and making his way down the road.

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