Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


5. You shouldn't be dating him

-Two week later-

Dating Chad has boosted my confidence a little, i still come to school with my hair in a beanie but i now wear my skinnies and tops that actually fit me. We haven't been going out long but i am also starting to eat more.

I was in my room on my bed while my laptop was blanced on my legs. I was scrolling through some wallpaper styles as my room still needed to be done. I found the one i wanted and rang my mum telling her to pick it up.

My door opened just as i put my laptop in my wardrobe. "Hey hoe." Justin spoke as he looked at me laughing. "You still dating that dick?" He spoke, i nodded my head as he walked further into my room, i sat down on my bed and he sat next to me. "Well, i hope you last longer than his usual relationships do," He smirked at me as his dark, empty eyes found mine.

"Will you help me with my wallpaper later." i asked timidly, he had to put up an act for my mum and his dad, so he sometimes helps me with my room.

"And why would i do that!" he mocked, his small laugh bouncing off the wall. He got up and walked out, i hate him so much!

Who does he think he is?!

I got out my phone as i walked into the hallway and called Chad, knowing Justin could here but not caring.

"Hey babe"

"Hey Chad. Will you come round later and help me put my wallpaper up"

"Sure i'll be 10 minutes?"

"Yeah thats great. Thanks. Bye"

"Bye Cas, love you."

I hung up on him and sat on the counter in the living room, i got an apple for me to eat and was staring at the wall day dreaming when a knock at the door disrupted me from my thoughts. I started to walk towards the door when i saw Justin run downstairs and open the door.

"It's okay Chad, i'll help her."

"No no no, she doesn't need your help, I'm helping her."

"Chad just fuck off seriously."

The door slammed shut and he walked towards me with a smile on his face.

I didn't have the courage to open the door and let Chad back in so i walked upstairs.


I had just finished my wall when Justin walked into my room. He handed me a pot of deep blue paint, and started to prise off the lid.

"Well are you just going to stare or actually do something?" He snapped.

I knelt down at the side of him and started to paint my wall.

i felt a blob of paint hit my beanie on my head, i squealed as Justin laughed, a hearty laugh, a laugh i had never heard before. I picked up brushed and pressed it to his cheek forming a line of blue. I laughed as we got into an all out paint war.

After i got it in his hair i fell ontop of him, staring into his eyes, they were soft and a hazelnutty brown. "You shouldn't be dating him." He said as he carried on staring at me.

"Who should i be dating then?" i asked eager for a response.

His mood changed and he pulled himself from under me and up onto his feet. He chucked his brush down before walking out of the room.

Justin P.O.V:

'As i walked out of the room i realised that i can't act all friendly with her, i hate her and she does my head in. Urgh.


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