Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


7. The flight

We walked up to the seating area before the gates. We had 5 or 10 mintute to spare so i decided to ring Chad. I walked off from everybody else and into my own area but i was still in earshot. Justin was watching me as i smiled when his cheery voice came through the line.

"Hey Cas, whats up?"

"Hey Chad, Mum decided to surpirise me with a holiday to Spain."

"Thats great, when are you going."

*Will all passengers on the 761 flight please make there way to gate 3 as it is now open, thats passengers for the 761 flight make there way to gate 3 please. Thank you*

"Well, we are about to get on the plane now."

"Oh, well. Don't let Justin get to you baby."

"I wont bye I'll see you in 2 weeks."

"Bye love you!"

I shut off my phone and walked through the gate way showing my passport and catching up to Justin who was trailing behind Mum.

As we walked up the stairs into the plane, the Captain was at the side welcoming everyone onboard.

"Okay so you two are going to have to sit there, Cas your next to the window and Justin you in the next seat."

i groaned causing mum to give me a warning look, i slid down into my seat and my bag sat on the floor infront of me.

While everybody else took there seats i pulled my sketch pad out of my bag.

As my pen hit the paper all the noise from everythings droned out, the talk the captain gives and the women at the front pointing out the safety precautions and stuff.

As i sketched out shapes on the now full paper, i looked at my finished piece.

It was a girl stood behind a boy who has his arms wrapped around her, it was very detailed apart from the faces. There was no facial feautures on my people.

"Whats with the face less people." Justin said poking at the paper.

"It resembles the love felt for someone but you can't see who they are, there just two people in love. If you get me?"

"Yeah, thats pretty creative, C."Wait. Why did he just call me 'C'. Nobody calls me that, i felt something in the bottom of my stomach.


Justin P.O.V:

I just complimented her and called her 'C' and it actually felt good.

In the corner of my eyes i noticed her eyes were fighting to stay open, he head fell against my shoulder and i just left her there, feeling her warmth against me. i felt my eye lids getting heavy and my head rested on the top of hers.


I woke up to see Cassie still asleep on my shoulder she looked so beautiful when sleeping.

No Justin! Don't think like that.

I pushed a strand of hair out of her face before i can stop myself. Her eyes open as my thumb rested on her cheek. Her eyes met mine and i noticed the mixture of softness and confusion behind them. i pulled my arm back and sat up straight knocking her head of my shoulder as i ubuckled my seat belt and stood up.

"Justin." i carried on walking down the plane and to the doors from the plane. i walked down and waited at the bottom for Dad and Angie.

Cassie P.O.V:

I was sat on one of the single beds when Justin walked in to the room. He pushed his suitcase onto his bed and started to unpack, i got up and started to help him. Not really sure on why i was doing it. 

"Why are you helping me?"

"I don't know, i wont if you don't want."

"Nah, you can do rest for me while i change." He said rather arrogantly.

"No, you either help me or do it yourself."

"Don't start Cas, because trust me you don't want to finish it."

There is the Justin i know.


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