Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


1. School.

I rolled over in bed slamming my hand down onto my alarm. Maybe today i should just not go in. I rolled back over onto my back and closed my eyes.

"Cassi! Cas. Wake up, you'll be late to school."

"I don't want to go in today mum!" i shouted at her.

"Well your going to have to arent you?" She huffed at me. i dragged my sleepy body up and let my eyes adjust to the light. After lifting the warm covers over my skeletal frame i padded over to my wardrobe. picking out a pair of black jeans that hid my legs and a big grey baggy jumper with a vest underneath.

I grabbed my bag shoving inside my phone and headphones, i put a black beanie onto my head and tucked my hair into the back of my jumper.

As i walked out of the door i put my headphones into my ears, walking as slowly as possible. Knowing that i will just get more shit if i go earlier.

As i reach the school gates i can see them all, standing at the opposite side of the school grounds. I only need to go down and straight ahead, i won't bump into them. At least not yet anyway.

I walk to my locker quickly hiding my face, shoving my bag in my locker i pulled out my science book and kit for P.E which i had for the first two hours of the day. I was walking towards my science room just before the bell went when Justin came striding up to me knocking my books out of my hands and my phone to the floor.


"Aw, slut. We missed you this weekend. Oops, may need to pick them up bitch." He said, his words felt like they were burning my skin as they made there mark. This has been happeining for the past 5 years.

He promised to make my life hell and he sure as hell has. I pushed my glasses further up my nose as i scurried off to science trying not to be late when Chad, Justin's friend, accidently tripped me. "Oh, sorry i didn't see you there." He spoke politely i nodded and walked off. Why can't Justin be like that? Chad the one who's eyes lit up when i talked to him, the one who actually treated me like i deserve to be treated.

But this is the boy who promised to make my life living hell.

He can never be that boy.


Science and PE went by without any problem, all everybody was talking about was the dance next week. What they were wearing, who was taking them, who asked them, who they wanted to go with, how they were doing there hair, if they were getting there nails done. It sickened me to think that people actually look forward to a night where they were dancing in high heels and dresses, having there  hair and Nialls done especially. Who would you want that? Dancing in a crowd of sweaty people as everybody was fighting to talk over the music for others to hear. When you can sit at home, with ice-cream and scary movies.

I was walking towards my locker when i saw Justin punch his locker. As usual i was waiting for him to take his anger out on me. But he doesn't he walks straight past me and to Chad. "Don't you dare do anything" He growls at him. Chad looks bemused and confused at the same time. "What are you talking about?" He asks. Justin lowers his voice so i can't hear what he has to say. When i tun around to go i watch as Chad laughs and walks off while Justin catches my gaze. His eyes desperate until they see me then they turn dark and cold brown. "What! Am i making too much of a show! Or do you want me to carry on." He growls.

"No" i said weakly and he could barely hear me as i walked through the crowd that had gathered.

"Oi, you little slut get back here." I carry on walking and run out of the school gates.


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