Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


8. Pool

After i finished unpacking mine and Justin's bags we pulled out something to go to the pool in.

I chose to not go in the water so on went my skinnies and a tank top.

"Cas, you can't go down to the pool in them." Justin snorted as he came back in with a pair of black swimming shorts. They hung of his hips perfectly and showed off his toned body.

"I don't have anything else." I state truthfully, i don't want to even go down.

"Well, find something."  He spat, he walked over to my draws pulling one open, here he said chucking my 'floaty' top at me. He continued digging before finding some bikini sets.

"Here, don't lie to me." He spat again as he chucked me the outfit.

"Thanks" i said sarcasticaly as he walked out of the room, i changed into my outift i had been given, i was extremly self concious about my legs.

"Cas you ready." I heard a light tap on the door as Justin invited himself in, he needs to stop doing that.

"No, i'm putting my skinnies back on give me two minutes." I reached for my skinnies to have them pulled from underneath my grasp.

"You look fine C" He needs to stop calling me that, i could feel something in the bottom of my stomach again. Oh no.

"No, i hate my legs, there so fat and disgusting." I pushed past him and towards my draws put i got pulled back by my waist, he sat me on the bed and his arms where still on my waist, he sat me up and carried on looking into my eyes.

"Your legs are fine C."

What was this between us? We hated eachother. Now we are acting all friendly.

"What did you mean by i shouldn't be dating Chad?"

"You should be dating someone who could treat you better, love you until there is no tomorrow and be there for you. Chad is a little pussy who will probably finish you within a week."

"He's the only person i know to treat me this way, to make me feel better about myself, even when you say shit to me. He gives me the confidence i need."

Justin P.O.V:

"He's the only person i know to treat me this way, to make me feel better about myself, even when you say shit to me. He gives me the confidence i need."

"I don't know anyone else who could treat me better than he does." She sighed and looked at the floor.

"Who else would want me? The sad old excuse for a girl, the one who brings attention and shit to herself. The one who despite everything can still find a way to be happy but then it has to be ruined. Who else would want sad, old broken me."

Me, i do.

Tears formed in her eyes, as she got up off the bed and walked towards her closet, pulling out a pair of blue shorts. She put them on, and walked back over to me. She looked effortlessly beautiful as all her hair got scraped into a messy bun. I have never seen her hair down before, she always has it up in that stupid beanie that i just want to rip off of her head.

"Yeah, you don't answer." She said looking down at her fingers as we made our way down to Angie and Dad.

"You two took your time! C'mon we're going to get something to eat."

After 30 minutes of looking we settled for the macdonalds which was next to our hotel.

I was staring at Cassie as she picked at her fries only eating about 5.

"Mum, i'm full i can't eat anymore." she said but before Angie took them i emptied less than half of the box onto my plate. Then gave her the rest, i was starig at her, hoping she woud notce that i wanted her to eat. My eyes were demanding as she ate the rest in silence.

As we walked back around to the hotel i noticed peoples staring at her and so did she.

"Just ignore them C." i spoke s she walked infront she took a couple of steps back to walk with me.

"I'm used to it." She sighed. Ouch i knew that was a dig at me, for being a dick to her for ten years.

Wait. Am i having a change of heart? Nah, i hate her, don't i.

We sat down on the sunbeds for a bit and i could see Cassie's insecuritys and her not wanting to take off her clothes.

"Fuck em Cas, they don't matter. They wont judge." i whispered into her ear

She took of her shorts and top before laying on the sunbed.

I got in the pool for a bit and was sat at the side thinking when i felt someone jump onto my back.

"Can i join you or shall i go."

"Whatever" i shrugged at her as she slipped into the pool.

"Just say no next time." She snapped and began to swim off, i grabbed her foot and pulled her back towards me.

"No, don't go, stay." i said while mentally slapping myself for sounding so needy.

"Nah, i'm going for a walk anyway so." She yanked her foot from my grasp and started to swim off again. I followed her and got out with her.

"Can i come with?" I asked her slightly unsure.

"Whatever" She muttered as she tied her hair back up and slipped into her shorts and top.

"Just say no next time." I joked. She shot me a dirty look before walking off.

"Fine then, no." She said before walking off.

I slipped into my shoes before following her down the road.

"Cassie wait!" Her pace got quicker as i ran to catch up.

"Hey, whats up with you?" I said as she turned onto a field with nobody on it.

"Whats up with me? Whats not up with me you mean."

"Okay then, what have i done?"

"What have you done? You really have the cheek to ask that, lets start with the fact that you've bullied me for 10 years! Then you end up moving in! Think about how that makes me feel, having the person who hates you more than anyone can living under the same roof as you. Then you start being sort of okay with me, yet as soon as i speak you just turn back into a dick with me. Now here we are, putting up an act for Mum and Jeremy. Acting as if everything is okay but it isn't. You must be bipolar because just yesterday you told how much you hated me now your acting as if we're friends. Make you mind up because i'm sick of it."

Ouch, that really hurts.

"I... i..."

"You don't know how to reply. Well i need to know, are we trying to be okay or are you just being a dick for the sake of it." Tears fell down her face, as i put my hand to her cheek to rub them away but she turned her head.

"I don't hate you Cassie, i mean i thought i did but i've come to realise how much i actually miss you from when we were twelve, and how my feelings never changed."

"Bullshit" She spat at me before storming back off to the hotel.

Damn that girl, damn her. No matter how hard i try i could never hate her.


I pulled on a pair of my black skinnies and a long plain black top. On went my white high tops and my hair was styled into a quiff.

I was waiting for everybody to finish when Dad and Angie came out.

Then Cassie did.

I swear she wants to kill me off, she has been blanking me and when i wanted to talk to her she told me to save it. She was wearing a long black dress with the back bit longer than the front. Her hair was down and neatly curled, she was wearing her back flats.

Her hair was a brown with a dip dye of blonde. 

She was stunning.


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