Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


2. Mum's new boyfriend.

I was ragged back by the edge of my jumper, i was on the ground in seconds as Justin towered over me, his Dark brown empty eyes staring at me, he kicked some dust at me but never actually hit me. "I said come here." His voice is deep and frightning as i slowly get up onto my feet. "Why where you listening to my conversation!" He screamed at me. "I... i wasn't i promise." i manage to mumble as i take a step away and start to play with the sleeves of my jumper. "Yes, you were. Weren't you! You can't help being nosey and sticking your nose in where you are not wanted." "I only heard what you both screamed at eachother i promise." My voice was intended to come out stronger than it actually did. "Why should i trust you! Your just a dirty little wanna be who thinks that maybe they can make something of there lives. But guess what! You can't and never will." His rasor sharp words hitting me eachtime it hurt more and more. You would have thought i would be used to it by now but i'm not, i still can't take his heavy words, i still let my mind wander on the subject of me not being here.


I was walking down the corridor with Chad, as we walked past Justin he scowled at both of us. He came up and started walking beside me, i was shrinking further and further down into my sweater as he looked me up and down before laughing. He has put me in this depressive state for years but i can never stand up to him, what would he just do? Laugh? Hit me? Mock me? i sighed and he started laughing more. "Aw, whats up with poor Cassie huh? Shrinking into your sweater, are you scared. Naw,cutie." Even his mocking looks can out me in an even shittier mood. Why can't this just stop?

Oh, wait. This is Justin, the stud of the school, he won't just stop, i have been his personal target for nearly 10 years. Why would he not carry it on for even longer? If he had the chance to.

As i stalked off to Maths i heard someone following me, secretly hoping it wasn't Justin i turned around to see Chad there. He smiled at me and caught up to me.

"You going to the dance next week?" He smiled politley.

"Nah, not my scene." His face falls at my words. "But i may go, it just depends." His frown changes to a smile showing off his cute dimples.

"Oh, So... urm, i was woundering if.. maybe you would like to go with me?" He offered stuttering now and then. Why was he so nervous? The worst i can say is no.

"Sure, Just don't go all out or anything 'cos i'll just go in like skinny jeans or something." I tell him honestly, if i was going i would only go to 'skinny jeans' level and thats it. But they may show of my skeletal figure a little too much.

All day i was woundering what to wear.

Was this even a date?

No, it was just a friend asking a friend to the dance.

Heck, is he even a friend?

I walked into my room and slummped into my bed.

"Cassie, you need to start getting ready we are going to have guests over." My mum says as she walks into my room, strsightening the covers uderneath my body.

"Mum, i'm fine like this." I say into my pillow so it comes out as a muffle.

"How about a nice dress? This is cute." She says pulling out a hurrendous baby pink dress.

"Mum, i'm sure i tried to chuck that out ages ago." I remeber doing so, i can also remember walking in on her putting it back into my wardrobe. She shakes her head and moves out of the way.

"Just change Cas, you are not aloud to wear that hideous grey jumper, not tonight. Wear your black skinnies?"

i groaned loudly before pulling my body up from the bed. i open my top draw and pulled out a big baggy purple vans top. It is far too big for me, hanging of my shoulders awkwardly, i pull on my black skinnies, that really aren't skinny on my small legs. I hear the door open just after i put my black beanie on my head shoving my pony down my top. I walk down the stairs just before my mum calls me, thats when i see him. Sat on my couch in my house. I was expected to spend time with him, and have a civialized conversation at the diner table. No, this can't be happening.


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