Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


9. Day with him.

I pulled on my ripped tye dye jumper  and a new blue skirt. My hair was down, and i put on my black flats over my naked tights.

"Hey Cas, sweetie, me and Jeremy are having the day to ourselves so you two can either spend it together or have a day to yourself." Mum said to me as she pulled her thin cardigan over her shoulders and linked her arms with Jeremy's.

"Oh and you look better now baby. You got your colour back!"

i smiled as she walked out of the room door.

Great a day with Justin, woohoo. Note the sarcasm there.

I haven't talked to him since yesterday and he is always wearing a frown so i feel slightly bad.

Wait, no, no i don't well i shouldn't but i do.

"You wanna do something with me today or are you still upset with me?"

"Well, don't act like it's all my fault. You never tried to apologise, or at least tell me not to bother with you anymore."

"Because i can't begin to explain how sorry i am. And i don't even know how i feel about this."

"I'm off out so just let me know when you make up your mind."

He followed me out of the door and down the stairs as i walked onto the market area, i could fee him hovering behind me. I was looking at some little glass figurines before i realised they were too expensive, i heard Justin mutter to the man behind me as i put down the little glass dove i was admiring back down. I walked over to the cute little cafe at the end of the road. Justin didn't notice and walked straight past.

My phone rang in my pocket, i ignored his call but sent him a message letting him know where i was. When he came in he spotted me instantly tucked away in the corner. treating you like shit

"Cassie. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. Hiding my feelings. Making your life a misery. Not coming clean to you. i'm sorry."

"Justin, i can't forgive you, ever, you know that right? I can try, but i will never fully be able to forgive you" I said to him as he sighed looking at the table.

"I know."

We got up and left the shop.

"So what happens from here?" I asked him as i looked into his eyes.

We carried on walking as he ignored my comment.


The sand against our feet was cool as the sun set over the sea.

Justin pulled me back by my waist while tickling my neck. As i started squirming and squealing under his grip. he laughed into my neck as i was realesed from his grip, i ran into the water as Justin followed me in. He picked me back up and threw me over his shoulder, my hands were pounding at his back as he strided out from the water and placed me softly onto my back on the sand.

"Hey Justin." i pouted as i poured sand in his rich blonde hair. His laugh was breath taking on it's own as his hazelnut brown eyes looked into mine.

"C'mon, i need to show you something."

He pulled me onto my feet and guided me with my hand to the field we were stood on a few days ago.

He laid down on the soft green grass looking up into the sky as the clouds started to turn pink. I put my head on his chest so my back was on his arm.

We sat and talked about everything and anything for a while.

At about 10 we walked slowly back to our hotel, his hand gripping mine weary of the people around us.

My phone rang in my pocket.

"Hey Chad." Justin smile dropped and as soon as we reached the hotel his hand let go of mine and he stomped moodily upstairs.

"What's up?" He asked me as he realised i wasn't listening.

"Sorry, what?" I asked as he rambled on about him not waiting for me to get back.

"Look Chad i have to go, see you next week. Bye"

"Bye, i love you."

I hung up on his sliding my phone under the band of my skirt. i walked into the bedroom and saw Justin with his head in his hands. I sat next to him on his bed, his head snapped up and he looked at me with cold eyes.

"Go away." He snapped suddenly.

"Justin, wh-"

"I said go away leave. I don't want you here for goodness sake!" His tone changing and his voice gradually getting louder. I scurried out of the room, quickly.

What is with his mood changes? As soon as i got on the phone with Chad he's a dick again.

Wait is he jealous of Chad? No it can't but... Urgh, he's so confusing.


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