Falling for him

Justin made a promise, a promise to ruin Cassie' life.
A promise to wreck everything she had and destroy her world.
So for years Justin bullied Cassie into depression, into hiding her face.
When Cassie's and Justin have to live together they start spending a whole lot of time together, much to there disliking.


3. Awkward dinner.

After standing there for a while i decided to slowly sneek off back upstairs, but just as i was half out of the room mum noticed me. "Cassie! This Jeremy and his son Justin, i smiled weakly shaking Jeremy's outstretched hand. As i sat down on the couch next to Justin i could see the smirk lingering on his face. I started to sink into the couch, avoiding conversation with anyone unless i had to. Answering with one word answers. "Right well, you two run upstairs or something and we will start getting dinner ready" My mum speaks up beaming at me.


I walked up the stairs slowly and slightly unsure. I opened my door to my room. It was painted black with white furniture, curtains and bedding. All my things were either shoved in a draw or at the bottom of my wardrobes. My wardrobes covers one of the walls with mirrors on the doors. My bed a kingsized with a white frame. I closed the door not expecting Justin to have followed me. "Hey! Idiot watch what you are doing." He hissed at me as the door hit him in the nose. "Sorry." i mumbled and he smirked at me.

I sat on my bed as Justin took a look around my room, looking for anything to tease me with. Something he could use against me. "So, your mum and my dad getting it on. Guess we are going to be spending a whole lot of time with eachother huh?" He speaks. i ignore his words and get out my phone, clicking on my kik i see i have messages from four people.  As i read eachone i can see Justin's eyes on me. I snap my head up to look at him and a playful smile dances on his lips, his soft slightly red lips. "What are you some kind of famous person or something? He mocks me as i tap out a paragraph to each person. "No, people just come to me for help." I state truthfully. "Help about what?" He asks, why does he care again? Oh yeah so he can then spread shit about me. "Basically they ask for advice on things i have been through." I say chewing on my lip and loading up my instagram page.

"Dinners ready." My mum shouts up the stairs and i take this as a chance to run out of my room quickly. As i sit at one of the seats i watch as mum and Jeremy sit next to eachother. Justin lazily sits down on his chair besides me. i look at the plate of spagettie bolognase sitting infront of me, after picking at my meal for a bit i take a mouthfull letting the food slip down my throat. Mum and Jeremy keep light conversation at the diner table but there is still an awkward tension in the air. I only eat five mouthfulls of my dinner before i realise i'm full. Thats the only thing i have had to eat all day,infact it's the only thing i have eaten since yesterday morning.


I walk into school and towards my locker, after unlocking it i look at the note left inside. 'you ever mention that dinner to anyone and your dead.' The writing was scrawled so i could barely make it out. i sighed screwing it into a ball and throwing it back into my locker. I walked to biology and sat down. Everyone was already here and i sat in my usual seat.

"Okay class, new seating plan. All males need to move forwards one. If your at the front you go to the back." I didn't register who sat next to me until he started speaking. "Your doing all the projects you know that right?" He stated with a slight growl in his tone. "I said you know that right?... Oh yah little slut answer me" His voice still a hushed growl. "i said i know Justin." I spoke harshly. I have never spoke to him like that, as soon as the words left my lips i regret them instantly.

A smirk forms on his lips as he stares at me, "Someone's fiesty today. A say slut, you wouldn't ever stand up to me, your too scared." He laughed at me as i started shrinking into my seat.


After Maths me and Chad are walking down the hall when Justin barges past me, his shoulder hitting mine, hard. I took a step to balance myself and can only just see Justin push through the doors.

You get used to it, after a while. The whole repeating your routine everyday thing. Go to school, get pushed about and called shit, lessons, more shit, more lessons, home. No food incase of getting called fat and not standing to be near them. But i'm used to it.

As i walked into the house i could see loads of boxes piled around. "Mum! Whats happening?!" i shouted to her as she walks out of the kitchen with an apron on and looking flustered. "Oh honey, i forgot to tell you! Well... Jeremy and Justin are moving in!" She beams at me, oblivious to how bad this move is on me. "Oh great." i manage to mumble. "You don't like Jeremy do you?" She asked me looking slightly hurt. "No, i do like him. It's just that only yesterday i met him and now your moving in, i mean it's a little full on for me even though you have been dating for a year." I say to her, part of it is true, i mean it is a rush but i don't like Jeremy, or Justin for that matter.

I run up to my room and all i can do is stare at my ceiling.

My bully is going to live under the same roof as me. That means he will learn all my habits.

Oh god. This is even worse than it looks.

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