Left outside alone.

Dana's mother got sick and left her alone in a world with guns, cannibals and crazy people. She was 10 years then, now she's 18 . She doesn't trust anyone and has no problem killing. She's not scared and quite strong, but will she survive alone? or will she have to get along and make a group with what she hates the most (people) to stay alive?


15. Twenty years ago.

“I need to talk with you” Eric said as he appeared around the corner.

“What’s the problem?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“I just talked with Scooter…You broke his nose, you know that?” I opened my mouth to say something, but Eric cut me off “I know; ‘he got what he deserved’. He can be an a**hole sometimes, but I don’t want to see that happen again, no more kicking and no more hitting, okay?” he said, and I nodded understanding. He seemed to have a lot going on in his mind; I couldn’t really make eye contact with him for more than five seconds at a time.

“Listen Dana, I think you should stay, just some days or more if you want. Ju-“ I cut him off.

“Why? It’s not like I’m any help to this group, look at that Scooter guy. Why aren’t you kicking me out or killing me? I know I would have if I was the leader, so what is it?” I placed my hands on my hips and Eric sighed.

“The truth; we’re almost out of ammo and medical supplies, and with this new virus we need it. Steven, Scooter, Jimmy, and I are the only ones I want outside of this building, the others; they’re too weak and can’t fight for themselves and Scooter his probably not going. I will take any help I can get? And you seem to have some fighting skills that could come in handy” he said and looked serious at me.

I thought for some seconds; I needed a weapon that was a sure thing, and if I went on this run I could maybe find a bow or something. I’ll just take off after I’ve got a weapon and maybe steal some of their medical supplies. Last time I got an idea like that I ended up with an arrow pointing out of my leg, but well...I guess I have to take some more risks.

“Okay” I said and squeezed my eyes “I’ll help”

“Great, we leave in three days so if you need something, start pack it now” he looked curious on me, “I have no idea who you are and I’m already trusting you to go on a run with us, don’t make me regret it” he finished and looked down on me. There was silent for some seconds.

“This virus? How much do you know about it?” I asked.

“Come with me” he said and pushed me gently ahead. He showed me into this big laboratory room and a quite young guy approached us quick.

“Hey Eric. Who’s that?” he asked looking at me.

“Dana” I beat Eric to an answer.

“Nice to meet you, Dana. I’m Travis” he said and smiled friendly. He had blond hair and some old round glasses on. Eric cleared his throat and spoke.

“What’s going on, Trav? Anything new?” Travis looked at Eric and started to walk away without answering Eric’s question. Okay, that was kind of impolite. I looked asking at Eric.

“Travis is a little…Special. This is his way to say, follow me” he whispered to me, smiled and lifted his eyebrow. I smiled nervous back and nodded. We followed Travis.

“So this is actually pretty interesting…There is a virus, or…It’s actually more like a rabies” he said and flipped through a book “It started with primates….apes you know” he said and pointed at a picture in the book, of some kind of monkey. He flipped on “They got infected by the rabies, many years ago actually. They foamed, became aggressive and, well…they became cannibals. The rabies attacks the brain, so the affected host will suddenly become almost brain dead. The infected ape’s brain showed no activity in the frontal lobe and the cerebellum was quite damaged. The only parts of the brain that wasn’t affected by the rabies was the hypothalamus and some parts of the brain stem” he said and looked up from his book. Both me and Eric looked confused at him.

“infected won’t be able to remember faces or memories, feel pain, talk nor walk right” we both nodded understanding ”But there is something more. The rabies also makes the blood thicker and almost stiff, so the infected won’t bleed out. It also seems like the infected doesn’t need other organs than the brain, or you know some parts of it, to stay alive…It just doesn’t make sense” he said and looked down in deep thoughts “But well the rabies spread to humans and then this happened. As far as I know only primates and humans can get the rabies. If you’re bit or scratched, there is a 95% chance that you are infected with the rabies we’d chose to call; the Zombie Virus” he said and looked serious on us.

“You said apes were infected many years ago?” Eric asked curious.

“Humans too but it didn’t spread like it does now. Twenty years ago a perfectly healthy man went crazy and ate the face off a stranger, people blamed it on drugs but it was actually the early stages of the virus. It later on evolved to spread easier and faster; by biting or scratching” he explained and threw the book onto a table.

“But…What about the drag-… I mean those cannibals which doesn’t look dead...in the city?” I asked Travis which made sign for us to sit down on a couch.

“They’re mental ill, it’s not the rabies” he answered fast and handed me and Eric some pictures of two humans “Eric you got a picture of an infected. You see pale skin, red eyes, wounds but no blood. Dana you got a picture of a mental ill person; a so called ‘cannibal’. The person looks normal, well except for the insane look in his eyes” He chuckled a little. “They simply lost it and didn’t get to come back” he finished.

“Is there a cure for the rabies?” Eric asked and I listened curious along. Travis sighed and I looked up from the picture I held in my hand.

“I don’t know” He shrugged “But I don’t think so…Man…I think this is the end…for us humans you know?” he said and buried his head in his hands, followed by a yawn. Eric patted his shoulder.

“Naarh man, don’t think like that. We’re humans, the only thing we need is to keep our humanity and believe in some kind of hope” he looked down “Get some sleep, Trav. Let the others work for a change” he smiled at Travis, who nodded thankfully and walked off and we walked out of the lab and into the small living room from before.

“Well Dana, I think we both need some time alone to think all this through” he said with his hands on his hips and an absent look in his eyes. I nodded and he left the room.

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