Left outside alone.

Dana's mother got sick and left her alone in a world with guns, cannibals and crazy people. She was 10 years then, now she's 18 . She doesn't trust anyone and has no problem killing. She's not scared and quite strong, but will she survive alone? or will she have to get along and make a group with what she hates the most (people) to stay alive?


8. Talking blind ahead.

I looked at him and pressed my lips together. I had no idea what to answer him. After I’ve seen that girl and thought of the possibilities of a zombie-virus, I don’t have any idea what to do. I couldn’t stay with Warren, I don’t know him, but he has saved my life a couple of times now, and…Oh stop it! Why should he be different from the others?! He’s going to back stab you like every f-ing human do, Dana! I found myself frowning and clenching my fists, I took a look at the sky and saw the sunrise; it made me calm down a bit.

“I don’t know…Listen I’m going to stay at the gas station, gather my thoughts, until I know what to do, so if you…well decide to do the same I can’t really stop you” I said shrugging.

Great Dana! Invite him to stay with you, why didn’t I just leave it at “I don’t know”? He looked at me trying to hide the joy filling his eyes but I could sense the excitement dripping from him. I’m so going to regret this.

“Okay, sounds like a deal then” he said starting to walk.

I looked down, shook my head and sighed. His happiness made me so…angry. I didn’t know why, it’s just; there is no reason to be happy. We’re all gonna die a very unpleasant dead, and still he just smile that happy-heartwarming-smile. Ugh! ….

“Are you coming?” I walked up to him and together we made room for us inside the gas station. We cleaned the store for food and water and luckily we found a couch. Warren insisted that I slept on the couch and he would sleep on the counter. When we were done cleaning and making it comfortable the dark started to spread on the sky again, and we’d made a fire outside. We sad there beneath the burning fire and hadn’t really talked together all day, although Warren had tried to start a conversation several times.

“What about now? Are you going to tell me your name now?” he broke the silence. I sent him a stare “No? alright”

“Do you have a group?” I heard myself ask without really knowing why.

“Well long story short, I have one but we got separated when a big fire started in the middle of the night and the Dragger-things attacked. Man I’ve never seen so much fire before, even the Draggers…they just ran around grabbing people while they were on fire.” He looked down and shook his head in grief.

“I’m sorry” I replied and threw some rocks in the fire. Silence filled the air again.

“So what about you? always been alone?” he looked sideways up at me.

“I think we should get some sleep now” I ignored his inquiring glance but his sigh clearly showed that he was disappointed.

We went inside and I collapsed on the couch, it’d been a very long day and I needed some good refreshing sleep. Next morning I woke up and hunted down some rabbits for us to eat. At first Warren didn’t like the idea of eating rabbit but when the dark spread and he smelled the meat he changed his mind. We decided to save the canned food as long as we could. We sad around the fire again, with the night coming and the stars appearing on the sky once more.

“Talking isn’t really your thing, is it?” he smiled.

“It’s better just to listen and observe; one wrong word and you could end up with a bullet in your head” I rested my hands on my knees.

“Or tortured and beaten…” he whispered and stared absent into the fire. I knew what he was talking about he was referring to Alan and his people.

“What made them do it?” my curiosity was awakened now. He locked his eyes on mine. 

“My stupidity…” he send his glare back to the fire “I’m the kind of guy that only sees the good in people, I knew it was going to get me killed one day, but I went into their camp anyway, they caught me eating their food” he folded his hands and rested his elbows on his knees followed by chuckle “Thanks for cutting me free by the way”.

“You didn’t exactly give me a choice” I smiled.

“Why didn’t you just kill me back there? Ended it? It would have saved you all the trouble? I mean you could have sliced my throat to make me shut up?” he joked . Usually I would have done that but something made me think twice about it and even made me find another solution.

“I’ll do now, if you don’t stop asking questions” I grinned carefully. I wanted him to know that I wouldn’t think twice next time. Would I? Let’s wait and see. He laughed.

His face lines lit up in the dark and I could see how a little beard was forming on his face, it looked nice actually and…and nothing. His hair was growing a little long too; he had to push it out of his face sometimes, so his eyes were revealed. I think he knew I looked at him, but why did I? I felt a little embarrassed and looked away, but my eyes slowly found his face again. He sat like before; looking into the fire.

“You like what you see?” he said with a jokingly smirk across his face. His eyes slowly met my glance. First I was surprised by his question but I fast regained my confidence again.

“Don’t get cocky now” I said cracking a half smile. I could feel my face turn red ‘Come on, Dana. Pull youself together’ I thought. He grinned, and warmed his hands one the fire.

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