Left outside alone.

Dana's mother got sick and left her alone in a world with guns, cannibals and crazy people. She was 10 years then, now she's 18 . She doesn't trust anyone and has no problem killing. She's not scared and quite strong, but will she survive alone? or will she have to get along and make a group with what she hates the most (people) to stay alive?


10. Not even in heaven.

I opened my eyes carefully. My vision was blocked by some kind of cloth, maybe a sack. I think we were driving right now. My nose didn’t bleed anymore but my head was hurting like hell. It throbbed as if my brain was trying to escape.

“Do ya’ think it’s dead?” a man with a southern accent asked.

“I don’t know, we just have to bring it back and see what happens” another man answered fast. They sounded young and almost scared; it wasn’t Warren as I first thought it was, but some strangers. What do they want with me?

I started to moan but the stinging throb in my head made me faint again. Next time I woke up I was in some kind of dark basement. Regaining consciousness, my mind slowly explored the place. I looked up and a little, but sharp, light blinded me and made my head hurt further. I was surprised that they had power, but didn’t think more about it, I had other things to worry about. I was tied to a chair and I didn’t have a clue what those people wanted from me or where exactly I was. I discovered a closed metal door; it had scratch marks on it, like something had tried to get out. I could understand why someone would like to get out of here; it was quite eerily. I breathed in slowly and heavily, taking in the scene. Me, here, sitting on a bloodstained chair, tied by my wrists.

“Hello” I almost whispered. My throat was dry as hell which caused my voice to crack “Hallo!?” I yelled louder which only worsened it; I ended up with a coughing fit almost throwing my intestines up.

Suddenly someone opened the heavy metal door, and closed it again with a loud bang. I squeezed my eyes to see who it was and tried to catch my breath after the coughing. A man wearing a torn T-shirt came out from the shadows he held a big hunting knife in his hand and had dirty blond hair. He squeezed his eyes, which were icy blue, at me and studied me carefully. Another man looking a little older than him with a brown shirt on also appeared. He had a gun pointed at me. I looked at the guy with the gun, rolled tired with my eyes and sighed. Great, a gun pointer I thought as I clenched my fist behind me.

“Who the f*ck are you?” I asked rusty and they exchanged glances.  The guy with the gun stepped towards me and squatted down in front of me.

“My name’s Eric, that’s Steven” he nodded at the other man. I looked at them both and frowned.

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