Left outside alone.

Dana's mother got sick and left her alone in a world with guns, cannibals and crazy people. She was 10 years then, now she's 18 . She doesn't trust anyone and has no problem killing. She's not scared and quite strong, but will she survive alone? or will she have to get along and make a group with what she hates the most (people) to stay alive?


1. Intro.

”I’m getting sick, and I’m not going to get better” she said stroking my cheeks.

“I have to let go of you, and you have to let go of me” I looked at her with tears flowing out of my eyes.

”You’re only 10, but you’ll survive, I know you will” And with those words she left me. Alone, scared and confused.  I covered her face and did what she always told me to do; I stopped the feelings from showing.


It was big, the forest. Bigger than most forest, if you got lost in here, you wouldn’t find your way out easy. Sometimes I see them, those…things. Growling monsters with robotic movement, I don’t know what they’re calling them. The only thing I know is that they are dangerous, mom told me, before she left.

The world has gone to shit, I know that. Since I was 10 I’ve lived with different people. Moved from place to place. I couldn’t stay at one place because suddenly group members would go nuts and start killing everyone. I’m 18 now, been alone most of my life, so as you probably could guess I’m not getting along with people so well. “You are crazy. We’re better off without a kid like you” that’s what they’re all telling me. I have no problem killing anymore; If you want to survive you have to kill, these days. Mom always told me to look my fears directly in the eye and make them kneel for me, she had a funny way put it but I understood her. The government? It’s gone. The rules and laws? No one obeys them anymore. People are rare, you don’t see them much. When you see them, they’re lying dead on the ground or trying to kill you with their smartass guns. I’ve made my own bow and arrows, I’ve got a pretty good shot if I should say it myself. I usually stay away from people, because you don’t know when they’re going to stab you in the back or leave you. You can’t trust anyone, my distrust to people have kept me alive, but also lonely. It’s better that way, and that was another thing my mom taught me.

I guess no one knows how all this started. Suddenly the woods just started to grow, trees popping out of nowhere in the middle of the city. Photosynthesis went crazy, most towns had no power and still don’t have. I didn’t know if it was because of some rebels who was against the government, and then attacked.  Mom never told me what really happened so I could only guess. Maybe it was some scientists who went a little too far with one of their experiments. I don’t know, but something went terribly wrong and now you can’t go anywhere without getting a gun pointed to your face. Every single person you meet can be a threat, everyone is afraid of everyone. I remember in the beginning of all this madness; Mommy cooked food and I was playing around still unknown of the situation, I thought we just were going to camp in the forest for some days.

“Dana, please. There is no time for playing around anymore” her soft voice made me stop my playing.

“Mommy what’s going on?” she sighed and squatted down next to me.

“Listen, honey.” Her young beautiful face turned into a white mask “You have to stay close to me, all the time from now on. Don’t talk to people you don’t know, and don’t ever show that you’re afraid” I didn’t understand what she was trying to say, but when I saw a man get killed on the road a couple of days later, I knew what she meant.


There is something worse out there, much worse than lawless people with weapons. I call them draggers. They track you, hunt you down, and then drag you back to their place, where they tear you apart, bite you and eat you. Well that’s what I’ve head. They are human as well, the draggers, they’re just disturbed, mental ill and lost humans. They’ve given up, and let themselves fall into a dark distant hole in which only evil exists. It’s like they’re brain dead, but not really because they do think, sort of. Some would maybe call them demons, ghosts or beasts, but the problem is that they’re humans; they’ve just lost their…humanity. Mom never lived long enough to experience the draggers; they started to appear some years after her death. I don’t remember much from when the world were “normal”, but she told me stories about the government, everyday jobs and people having fun together without fearing the day tomorrow, but that’s only fairytales.

The cities belong to the Draggers now. It’s their place, the place they would drag you to. I’ve not been in the city for 4 years I’ve just been wandering around in the woods. Once I had a group, about five people, one morning I woke up and I couldn’t find them. They had left a note;


Dear Dana we had to leave you. We are sorry, but you’re crazy and could get us all killed with your ideas. Your idea of traveling at night…you know that they’ll come out at night. You scare us, and we don’t think you’re good for this group. Sorry Dana, hope you’ll understand”. Back stabbing sons of b*itches…


And there was another time, I found this little girl and helped her find her family. After some weeks I found her dad. He was insane, started shooting at me “get away from my little girl!” he yelled and then some years later I thought that I finally had found a place to be, the people were so kind and took care of me…The draggers attacked the group and I was actually also dragged with them but because of my fighting skills I got free. Then I went back to the ones who had survived the dragger attack. They blamed it on me, told me it was my fault “You’re one of them! How could you escape from them, and not the others, huh?” then, of course, they started shooting at me, telling me if I came back they would kill me. Go get lost, I thought.

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