Left outside alone.

Dana's mother got sick and left her alone in a world with guns, cannibals and crazy people. She was 10 years then, now she's 18 . She doesn't trust anyone and has no problem killing. She's not scared and quite strong, but will she survive alone? or will she have to get along and make a group with what she hates the most (people) to stay alive?


13. Concussion.

“Open your eyes…come on…You’re going to be just fine” My eyelids were heavy as lead, every time I tried to open my eyes it felt like someone was pulling them deeper into my skull. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see, I could only hear a low man voice trying to calm me down.

I was finally able to open my eyes after some time; the man voice was gone now. Hours must’ve past because there was no one in the room, or wait…someone was sitting in a chair near a window. I sat up in the bed I was lying in. I realized I didn’t have my oversized t-shirt on anymore, and someone had putted some bandages on my leg, where the stick wound was. The thought of strangers touching me gave me shivers. “I need clothes” I whispered to myself. The person in the chair was sleeping; he was an old man with a doctor’s smock on. I stumbled out of the bed and quickly felt a stinging pain in my head. A painful hiss escaped from my teeth, and I went out of the room which looked like a hospital bedroom; white walls, white beds and white everything. I held my hand on my head and squeezed my eyes as I limped down a hallway, with a blurred sight. I struggled to move my legs; it was a war every time I commanded them to move, like they were glued to the floor. As I tried to walk I looked down at myself; I was in my underwear. I felt violated and a bit embarrassed; who do these people think they are?! Taking my clothes of and…god I hate people. The anger was building up inside of me, I was too weak to clench my fist but strong enough to let out a growling sigh. The sound of footsteps behind me distracted my anger, I turned my head, but the figure was just and distorted image. When the figure saw me it started to jog in my direction. I turned my head again and limped faster, trying to escape.

“Hey where are you going!?” A man yelled, I could hear it was Steven, that grumpy groan was recognizable everywhere. I learned against the wall and tried to continue with my body aching everywhere, but I had to stop. I threw up. All over the floor. Steven moved me away from the vomit. He had a blanket in his hand which he placed around me. I wanted to pull it off, to show that I certainly didn’t need him to take care of me, but my arms didn’t obey me. Son of b*tch shouldn’t touch me after how he treated me in the basement. I heard more footsteps.

“Larry, she’s over here” I heard Steven yell tired. My eyes rolled back in my head. “I got her” Steven said and lifted me up. A struggle to get down and away started, but I was too weak, the only thing I could manage to do was squirm a little “Hey easy now” Steven whispered in an almost compassionately tone. Don’t you feel sorry for me, you bastard. Mercy my a**, I thought.

“Thanks Steven, we have to get her to the bedroom again” Larry said and the next thing I know is that I’m in the hospital bed again. So much for that escape, and I didn’t even see the exit.

Some hours later…

“You have to relax, sweetheart. You have a concussion” I looked at Larry, as he patted me on my shoulder. It reminded me of Warren, his smile. God knows what he’s doing right now. I sat up in the bed and looked at Steven standing in the doorway; his eyes slid down and after some seconds he left.

“I’m Dr. Brannon, but you can call me Larry” the old man said while closing a window. He turned around and smiled. “How are you?” he dragged a chair to the bed and sat down, with a glass of water and some painkiller in his hands.

“A little lightheaded, but it’s getting better” I said and swallowed the painkiller he’d given me. He nodded, and smiled.

“That’s no wonder, you have been out for almost a day. Eric and Steven were checking in on you like you were a cheap hotel!” he chuckled soft and I couldn’t help but laughing a little myself. They checked in on me, huh? To see if I was okay? They…cared? I stopped the low laughing when my mind hit the last word. Yeah right…like they care about me; the totally stranger that has no respect at all. “It’s wonderful to see a new face around here” Dr. Brannon smiled.

“So tell me, how’d you get that wound on your leg?” he asked curious and rubbed his chin.

“I cut myself on some glass” I lied and placed the glass on the bed table.

“Yeah, yeah Eric told me, but how did you really get it?” I threw my eyes on him fast “Darling, I’m a doctor, I know how a glass cut looks like and that’s not it” he said and raised his brows, I stayed quiet. “Don’t worry if you don’t want to tell, don’t…But let me give you a little advise; Keeping secrets can be dangerous, people don’t tend to like being uninformed or misinformed these days” He explained smiling friendly and squeezed my hand soft. I nodded and send a fast smile at him. A woman looking to be in her late thirties and a girl, a little younger than me, walked into the room with clothes. They both smiled friendly at me and placed the clothes on the bed.

“It should fit you perfectly” the woman said and patted my shoulder. ”My name’s Irene. This is my daughter Jen” she said and pointed at the girl who just smiled and then left. They looked quite skinny, both of them, I wonder how that could be possibly, with all that canned food I saw earlier.

I looked at Dr. Brannon and he immaterially knew why. He left the room and I got the clothes on; a pair of jeans and a tank top. I made the bed and walked out of the room, followed the hallway until I reached a big living room. Eric, Steven, Irene and two other guys sat in there. Eric walked to me as soon as he laid his eyes on me. Everything was fine now there weren’t any problems with my head; that painkiller sure helped a lot.

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