Oliver's Girl

I used to be an ordinary girl, up until I went to a Bring Me The Horizon concert and saw the man who would be my future boyfriend, Oliver Sykes. Being with him, it made me feel safe. I'm just a tattoo designer and model, what would anybody want with me? I never knew... Up until then.


2. Packing

It was around 1:30am by time everyone had left. I just went straight up to bed, put my pyjamas on and quickly fell asleep. It was around 9:45 when I woke up, and I ran downstairs to see if any of the girls were there. Nope, all of them still asleep! I saw that a huge pile of presents were there, and I opened all of them. I feel so thankful to have such great friends! They'd got me a new camera (from Simon), Red converse (Georgia M), Another pair of converse, this time white (Max), About a million phone cases (Abi), 5 pairs of Apple earphones (Cara), Signed Bullet For My Valentine and Muse posters (Ben and Lucas) and heaps and heaps of clothes from everyone else. My mum sent me HEAPS of makeup and shoes. She works as an estate agent, so that's how she's rich (She gets a LOT of awards)


I went back upstairs, my arms laid down with presents. When I go to the tour, I'm staying over night in this really nice hotel. I am honestly so excited! I pack all of my basic necessities (toiletries, pyjamas etc) and then I start packing. I pack my tiny pair of black shorts, my new converse, my make-up, my camera and a red crop top from Topshop.


All done! I'm so ready for this concert!

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