Oliver's Girl

I used to be an ordinary girl, up until I went to a Bring Me The Horizon concert and saw the man who would be my future boyfriend, Oliver Sykes. Being with him, it made me feel safe. I'm just a tattoo designer and model, what would anybody want with me? I never knew... Up until then.


1. Overwhelmed

Thursday, 9th July 2009

"SURPRISE" all of my friends yelled as I walked into the room. I close the door behind me, and look into my living room of the house I share with my 3 best friends, Chloe, Amie and Emily. The room is crowded with familiar faces, some from University and from my Modelling agency (Storm) I let out a huge laugh and say "Oh my god, thanks guys!".


It's my 21th birthday today, and I told my friends that I didn't want a huge party, but they still planned one. I guess that's what friends are for! Max (one of my Uni friends) turns up the music loud to Animals by Martin Garrix and we just spend around 3 hours just dancing to random tracks. At around 8pm, Liam shouts out "PRESENT TIME!" and suddenly I am swamped with gifts. Amie says "Open this one first, and you can open the rest later when it's quieter". I rip off the blue wrapping paper and look at what's inside.


Inside, there was a ticket for a Bring Me The Horizon concert, which went on sale weeks ago and sold out within an hour. I couldn't buy them because at the time, I was in an exam. I shriek and give Amie, Emily and Chloe a huge hug. Somebody shouts "GROUP HUG!" so everybody joins in, crushing us in a family embrace. The concert was in 2 days, and little did I know that it would change my life forever.

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