Everyone has seen them. I'm sure I'm not the first ?

Dark shapes that flitter in the periphery of your vision. Tantalizing shapes that disappear when you turn towards them. Figures that play with our minds. One minute they're there and the next they're gone.


11. My Surroundings

Bending down, I exited through the small door opening. I found myself in a narrow corridor with the Shape. Light was emitted through the ceiling in much the same way that it was in the room. Glancing both ways down the corridor, I could just make out outlines that seemed like they were other doors, possibly leading to other rooms. I wondered briefly who was being held in each room. My mind turned back to Sinead, how could I have forgotten about her again. Maybe it was the journey I'd had to get here. However I think that I had once again been side railed by the newness of my situation. 

'Where's my wife?' I asked the Shape. 

'All in good time, all in good time' it said impatiently, ‘first there are some people who want to meet you.’ 

I followed him down the corridor. I seemed to be using an unusual amount of energy in just this simple act of walking. By the time we’d walked down this fairly long section of the corridor I felt like I had walked a good few miles. I hoped that this wasn’t going to be too much of a problem and that I would soon get used to this planet that we were on. 

On reaching the end. I was led into a small room. The door closed behind us and I felt a sensation in my body that seemed to be telling my brain that the floor was rising. I glance anxiously at the ceiling afraid that I would be crushed against it, but the ceiling seemed to be keeping the same distance from the floor. After around 20 seconds, the moving sensation changed as I felt the floor coming to a halt. This had the added effect that my stomach now appeared to be in my mouth. Travel to and in the Shape’s world appeared to have peculiar effects on my human form. 

The door opened behind us again and I saw that we were indeed in a different place than before, my body had been correct. Exiting I queried what had happened with the Shape. 

‘That is what is known as an elevator. It allows us to move up and down without using stairs. I believe that you have such things in some of your cities.’ The Shape explained. 

Ah, I thought. This was one of these new-fangled inventions that had come across from America. I doubted that even the Americans had ones quite like this though. 

We walked along yet another of these corridors that was lit from the ceiling. Half way along the Shape stopped at a door. I noticed him pull a small box from his pocket. I couldn’t quite make out what was contained on the box, but he appeared to press something on the side of it. The wall slid back instantly. I followed the creature through. This room was much larger than I'd seen. Down the centre was a large table surrounded with twelve chairs. All the chairs, except one was occupied by a Shape.  

The Shape who had fetched me indicated that I sit in the vacant chair. As I sat down I saw him bow towards the Shape at the end of the table and exit back through the door he had come through. 

As I was sat, I had the weird feeling that as well as being examined by the eleven pairs of eyes, someone was trying to enter my head, It was a vaguely unpleasant feeling like someone rummaging through a bag of clothes. I shook my head and stared at each Shape in turn trying to work out which one, or ones were doing this. My eyes rested with the Shape at the end of the table. At that moment the sensation went away as if the Shape had realised I knew what he was doing. He fixed me a blank look and said 

'Welcome to our world. I am glad you were able to find the time to come and visit us. I hope that you enjoy your stay. During the next few days, our scientists would like to talk to you. They will no doubt answer any questions that you undoubtedly have. I am the current Director of this establishment and will be available whenever you need me.' 

'Where is my wife, is she safe?' I asked 

'Your wife', he spat the word wife out 'has caused us many problems, hopefully now you are here, you will be able to talk some sense into the woman' 

He stood and bowed his head towards me before leaving the room.  

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