Everyone has seen them. I'm sure I'm not the first ?

Dark shapes that flitter in the periphery of your vision. Tantalizing shapes that disappear when you turn towards them. Figures that play with our minds. One minute they're there and the next they're gone.


9. Journey into the Unknown

I spent the rest of the day in an organised frenzy. Thoughts that I would go into my place of employment were abandoned as it became clear that I had much to arrange today. I wondered how long that I would be away for. The Shape had never mentioned any details, in fact now that I thought about it, he had been extremely vague about everything. Such had been my heightened anticipation that these were questions I had failed to ask.

I put together a few items in the suitcase. Unsure of what Sinead would require, I tried my best to pack what Sinead might need. This proved to be problematic for although I had lived with her for a while, I was still innocent in the way a woman dresses. I hoped that I had adequately accounted for her needs, although I wasn't confident.

As the day went on, my mind was exploding about the prospect of travelling to their world for the first time. I had all sort of questions that I wanted answering. I hate to say this but my thoughts of seeing Sinead again were pushed to the back of my mind for a number of hours. When I suddenly remembered her, I felt totally guilty. I resolved not to forget her from my thoughts, even though the lure of exploration was preoccupying my thoughts.

It started to get dark and I sat, as I had for most of the day, staring at the corner where I expected the Shape to appear in. I think you can imagine the state of excitement and trepidation that my body was in. Every sinew of my body was taught with tension, my eyes almost unblinking in their stare. Just when I thought that I was to be once again disappointed, a shape appeared in the corner of my eye on the other side of the room. I should have known that they only seemed to appear in the corners of our eyes, at least at first.

'Are you ready?’ the creature croaked staying in the corner.

'Yes, I thought that you were not coming today' I replied standing up, 'how do I do this?'

'Come closer to the corner. I must warn you that the process can be slightly disorientating to you. Do not be afraid, the passage to our world is safe for all humans.'

I approached the corner feeling a little hesitant. I could not perceive anyway that I could enter the world of the Shapes. As I approached the wall I wondered if this was some sort of prank and that I would walk straight into the solid wall, whilst the Shape laughed manically at me before disappearing. This scenario didn't materialise though as a black gateway, fuzzy at the edges, appeared before me. I stopped and took a step back. As I did so it disappeared. I looked questioningly at the Shape who just indicated with his wizen arms for me to proceed. The gateway once again appeared when I stepped forward again, obviously it only manifested itself when one was close to it.

I closed my eyes as I made the final step into the gateway. At once I felt I was floating in air. I opened my eyes but there was only black completely surrounding me. I felt slightly sick as if my stomach contents were floating up into my mouth. Closing my eyes again I felt movement as though I was being transported forwards. It was slowly at first and then I seemed to accelerate getting faster. I felt a pressure on my body, like none I'd experienced before. It seemed to push at every part of my body, the pain it created building up and nulling my senses. My mind started to go blank as the pressure built up. Then there was nothing, no senses, no feelings as I blacked out the pain proving to be too great for my fragile body.

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