Everyone has seen them. I'm sure I'm not the first ?

Dark shapes that flitter in the periphery of your vision. Tantalizing shapes that disappear when you turn towards them. Figures that play with our minds. One minute they're there and the next they're gone.


10. Arrival on another World

I woke up in a daze. At first I thought that I was at home in my comfortable bed but as I stirred into consciousness I realised that the 'bed' that I was laid on was in fact a stone floor. It was cold and slightly damp. I tried to raise my head, but a wave of nausea hit my body. I lay back trying to stop the vomit going any further up my throat. My whole body felt a lot heavier, trying to raise either of my arms was a real effort. I could fight back the nausea no longer and managed to raise my body slightly before vomiting all over the grey floor.  I lay my head back on the cool floor and looked upwards trying to remember why I was here.

It took me a while to ascertain where I was presently located such was the mist hanging in my head. I eventually managed to work out exactly where I was. After a short while I started to get used to my present environment. I appeared to be in a small room, almost like a cupboard. The door was a lot smaller than I was used to at home. There was not natural light in the room, but the ceiling appeared to have an iridescent quality to it. It cast a pale grey light down into the room. It wasn't bright enough to read by, but you could discern objects in a room. It was a fascinating sight and I wondered what sort of technology had been used to create the ceiling.

I looked around the room, my body starting to recover to a more normal state. I did find that I had to use more effort raise my hands and head. Standing up still proved to be a no go for me however, so I sort of crawled towards the door. That's when I hit the latest predicament. The door, if it was that, had no discernable means of opening it. I prodded it but it failed to yield under my pressure. The door was made of some metallic like substance although it was warmer to touch than metal normally was. The whole room, although completely bare of any furniture, was so fascinating to me that I irrationally put to one side the fact that I appeared to be locked in. Laying back down on the floor, I realised that the pile of multi-coloured vomit had disappeared. I scratched my head, wondering how this had gone. Either there was some sort of invisible cleaner, I didn't completely rule this out, or the surface somehow cleaned itself. It was an intriguing thought that kept my mind occupied for a few minutes. The technology of the Shapes was quite subtle but amazing none the less.

I was stirred from my revelry by an buzzing sound. Looking up I saw that the door was sliding to the left. A Shape appeared at the entrance and beckoned with one of its long wizened fingers

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