Everyone has seen them. I'm sure I'm not the first ?

Dark shapes that flitter in the periphery of your vision. Tantalizing shapes that disappear when you turn towards them. Figures that play with our minds. One minute they're there and the next they're gone.


8. A Restless Night

I sat all night looking at the corner of the room where the Shape had disappeared in, willing it to appear before my eyes. I thought about the astonishing information that the Shape had endowed me with. They were creatures from another world! It was all I could do to process the information inside my frazzled brain. What sort of world did they inhabit, was it like our own? Was it in fact part of our world? My mind was full of the work of HG Wells, wondering what that particular gentleman would make of this weird and baffling situation. I suspect he would have much more gumption about him and would be taking the bull by the horns. I inspected the corner for what must have been the umpteenth time, each finding that there was nothing there, no concealed entrance. I don’t know quite what I expected to find but he activity made me feel as though I was attempting to find my dear Sinead.

During the dark awkward hours of the night I fear, dear reader, that I fell asleep as I awakened with a jolt when I heard the rap on next doors window from the ‘waker upper’. At first I thought that Sinead had returned to me, such was the headiness of her scent in my nostrils. Alas when I pulled my mind to this side of consciousness I saw that my head had been buried, once again, in Sinead’s dress. At this moment I could have wept. The previous night’s events slowly coming back into my head. My eyes instantly went to the corner of the room where I’d last seen the shape. In the darkness, I sensed something move. My heart instantly jumped up to my mouth. The shape was back.

‘Where is Sinead’, I demanded of this creature.

‘She is safe, although she will not keep quiet’ he said. Ha I thought, that sounds just like the Sinead I have come to love and admire. She never would be able to keep her own council. If she was giving them verbal grief, then I surmised that she was full of her usual truculent spirit. My happiness turned quickly to despair as I wondered if she carried on, as I knew she could, they might silence her by fair means or foul.

‘When will I see her again’ I asked.

‘All in good time’ the creature rasped. ‘We are preparing to receive you in our domain’

‘Why can’t I go now?’ I demanded, my rage starting to surface.

‘All in good time, we have to make arrangements for your arrival’ this made me curious about their land.

‘What is it like?’ I asked curiously.

The creature looked me in the eye, a first for them. Usually they would not make eye contact. I could see he was weighing up what to say Even in my disorientated state I couldn’t understand why he was so reluctant to divulge the information without thinking.

‘It is a dark world,’ he said shortly. So that would explain to me why the Shapes only ever lived in the shadows. I had concluded long ago that their eyesight was not suited to the light of our days.

‘So when will I be travelling into your world?’

‘Tonight be ready to take a step into our realm. Please pack some clothes, as well as some for your woman’

With that as if in a puff of smoke, the Shape vanished once again. I sat on the bed as a wave of excitement hit me. Tonight I would be once again re-united with my beloved Sinead and as a bonus I would find out more about these Shapes.

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