Last Minute Love

'Tara what the hell was that?!' he yells not looking at me
'I’m sick of celebrity thinking their the best' I say simply
'well the guy you just slapped was HARRY STYLES'
'yea--' I start but he cuts me off again
'MY COUSIN, you know the one I've been wanting to see since you came' my jaw dropped open, that was his cousin, Sam's cousin was Harry Styles, Harry Styles is related to SAM!
I was gobsmacked......


6. chapter 6

After what seemed like forever I felt a warm hand lay gently on mine and I instantly knew it was Harry 'they said you were bleeding but the sewed everything up and all you need to do is rest. Their gunna keep you here until you get better' He picks his hand up and before I could miss him he placed a careful finger on my jaw line tracing it down to my chin, I opened my eyes to see Harry staring contently at my lips as he trace his finger along my bottom one. He glances at my eyes and sees I’m awake, he instantly pulls his hand away and acts as though he wasn't doing anything

'what was that all about?' I ask my voice croaky and barely a noise

'I just...' He stumbles over his words 'nothing' he mumbles looking down

'did you tell Sam about--'

but I hear the familiar interrupting voice 'tell Sam what?' Sam say making a dramatic entrance

'nothing' I say smiling but I wasn't going to get out of it that easy

'no seriously, tell me what?' Sam says getting impatient

'just that......' I look around hoping an excuse would be taped to a wall

'just that she said sorry to me for slapping me' I hear Harry say and I look over to him. It wasn't a lie I had wanted to say sorry

'yea that' I say a bit over enthusiastically

'right' Sam says not believing us and I take it that Harry hadn't told Sam about what happened at school

I hear a rustling noise and look over to Harry who was playing with a bunch of roses that I hadn't noticed before 'are those for your girlfriend?' I ask

'she's not my girlfriend yet but I hope she will be soon' he says smiling to himself and I felt more broken then I had been when I saw Tammie and Eric kissing

'well I hope she likes arrogance and asshole if she does she's gunna love you' I say scowling at him but he just winces and I see a tear escape his eye as he gets up from the chair next to me

'Tara Melody Hawks' I hear Sam gasp

'no she's right' Harry says walking out of the room and Sam goes after him, I throw the covers of me and run into the bathroom, I slam the door and collapse against it inching my way towards the ground until I feel the reassurance of the cold tiled floor hugging me and telling me its okay to let go. I cry, each time the sobs get bigger until I’m laying there body rocking with the power of them calling for my real mother to come and take me from this terrible world

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