Last Minute Love

'Tara what the hell was that?!' he yells not looking at me
'I’m sick of celebrity thinking their the best' I say simply
'well the guy you just slapped was HARRY STYLES'
'yea--' I start but he cuts me off again
'MY COUSIN, you know the one I've been wanting to see since you came' my jaw dropped open, that was his cousin, Sam's cousin was Harry Styles, Harry Styles is related to SAM!
I was gobsmacked......


5. chapter 5

'T what are you doing out here you'll catch a cold' Sam says pulling me into his house, we walk to his study 'what happened?' obviously forgetting that he was ment to be mad at me

'nothing' I say waving my hand as if I could wave it all away. I normally tell Sam everything but I felt like he would get mad if he found out I liked his cousin.

Did I like Harry? No, I couldn't

Sam pulled me down into the seat he was sitting and I wince at the pain 'ow' I say clutching my stomach

'let me see' he says pulling my shirt up to my belly button 'holey fuck t, what happened?' he says pulling my shirt up to just below my bust line, with that I look down towards my stomach and I see my stomach covered in little patches of purple and blue; bruises from where Eric had punched me a thousand times and the pain hit me like a bullet, each bruise was a dagger piercing my skin and I couldn't move.

Sam picked me up (bridal style) and carried me out to the car 'where are we going?' I ask in a panicked voice

'I'm taking you to the hospital, there might be internal bleeding' he said with expressions like stone. When he put me down I curl up in the only position that didn't hurt like a bitch but I still groan with every move. Why didn't it hurt with Harry? he did almost the exact same thing

'if it hurts now how did you get here?' Sam says almost reading my mind

'Harry dropped me off and no I don’t know what happened'

'HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED??' Sam yelled at me and I did what I used to do when my first mum hit me and yelled at me, I tucked my head into my knees and hummed a lullaby while rocking back and forth. Sam looks over to me for a second and says in a soft voice 't I’m so sorry' he pulls over and envelope me in a hug.

When I feel his arms around me I imagine Sam was Harry and I pull him closer to me as I cry into his shirt afraid that if I let go he will disappear, he strokes my hair and my cries simmer into little sobs until I look up into his eyes and see Harry.

I lean in and close the gap between us kissing him but he wouldn't kiss back so I pull away and see that I wasn't kissing who I thought I was, I WAS KISSING SAM.

I pull fully away and blush, I couldn't tell him that I though he was Harry he would just get mad but Sam just hugs me and tells me that I'm confused and I am WHY WOULD I WANT TO KISS HARRY?

the rest of the car ride was done in silence and my body was not happy with these bruises, every turn we made I felt a stabbing pain and every kilometer we got closer the more black spots covered my vision until, finally, we arrived at the hospital where Sam picked me up the way he did before and ran into the waiting room.

We were greeted by an unconcerned nurse but that changed when Sam showed her the bruises and she quickly got me stretcher and Sam told me he was going to call Harry. Before I could protest I sunk into a black oblivion.


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