Last Minute Love

'Tara what the hell was that?!' he yells not looking at me
'I’m sick of celebrity thinking their the best' I say simply
'well the guy you just slapped was HARRY STYLES'
'yea--' I start but he cuts me off again
'MY COUSIN, you know the one I've been wanting to see since you came' my jaw dropped open, that was his cousin, Sam's cousin was Harry Styles, Harry Styles is related to SAM!
I was gobsmacked......


2. chapter 2

He was almost 15 and I was only 13 almost 14, he became interested in girls and I was still quite innocent, I did notice a couple of girls talking about how 'hot' he was. I did think he was cute but I never really understood what hot was. He was nice to me and that was why I cared about him.

One day my mum threw me out for good so I climbed over the fence with teary eyes and started to walk to the tree house we built together (with help from his dad who was basically my only father figure). When I climbed up I didn't find him so I walked into his house and asked his mum where he was, she told me he was in his room with a friend.

He did have other friends but none of them really liked me so he didn't invite them over.

When I got to his room I heard little noises coming from behind the door, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the door to see Eric kissing my best friend from school, Tammie who was a year above me, she started moving her hands from his hair getting lower and lower until they landed on his crutch and he made this noise that I would later find out was called a moan and I felt like I was broken.

I ran from his house crying more then I did when mum threw an alcohol bottle at me and it smashed on the ground in front of me causing glass fragments to cut my arms and legs.

I ran and ran for what seemed like forever, my legs weren’t going to stop anytime soon so I let them carry me until I reach a big blue house with a Chevy parked out front. The flower bed was neat and well looked after, if I could see this I would have stopped in my tracks and shed away but I couldn't see anything through the blurry tears that ran out my eyes and down my face.

I sat on the porch and continued my sulking there until I hear a noise at the door and what sounded like a gasp, someone embraced me in a hug and I leaned into them breathing in their woody scent 'Its okay I got ya. What happened?' A boy asks

That boy would later turn out to be my best friend


I ended up living there until the foster home found me a new mum.


Ever since Eric found out I had been 'spying' on him he wouldn't talk to me and Tammie told all my friends that I had been stalking Eric and they didn't want to hang out with me either, so I had turned into the school loser.

As a teenager my blond hair turned light brown and my light blue eyes turned darker, like an ocean blue, my lips turned a coral color and filled out a bit, my bottom lip often stuck out and it looked like I was always pouting.


Eric turns a corner so I lose sight of him and I walk to my next class.

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