Last Minute Love

'Tara what the hell was that?!' he yells not looking at me
'I’m sick of celebrity thinking their the best' I say simply
'well the guy you just slapped was HARRY STYLES'
'yea--' I start but he cuts me off again
'MY COUSIN, you know the one I've been wanting to see since you came' my jaw dropped open, that was his cousin, Sam's cousin was Harry Styles, Harry Styles is related to SAM!
I was gobsmacked......


8. A/N

hiaaa guys :D I want you to know, this isn't the end, there is soooo much more and you have to check out the sequel its called 'how could I forget (sequel to last minute love)' 

This one is a little long but I think I'm gunna turn it into trilogy. Yup, that's it, just let me know what you think!!!

I want to find anything that's wrong and fix it ASAP thanks guyss :DD

Jess (Jenty_blue XD)

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