Attitude, boyfriends, troublemaker

this story is about a young girl with additude but when she really loves someone she is going to fight for her love he may lead her in a different direction but will she follo him!


2. will she save him

“ savannah Brittany rose don’t you talk to your step mother like that just get inside and get ready yelled back at savannah laughed Kyle

I couldn’t believe this women who does she think she is coming here and trying to get into my life she doesn’t even know me for like a second and she already is controlling me I stormed up the stairs I slammed my door shut it is just like who do you think you are but anyways I got different clothes on I pulled out my makeup kit also my hair curler I did all of that I looked at myself in the mirror I started thinking was I turning into my mother it seemed like it she was the real beauty in high school and now I’m  taking after her I forced myself to walk down the stairs Jacob was waiting at the end of the stair case It felt like he was taking me to prom I was hoping none of it was a dream but I knew it was real Jacob and I started walking out side he opened the car door for me I sat next to him Jacobs hand fell next to mine I lifted up my hand as he grabbed it we were holding hands rose and dad could see in the revision they both smiled we stopped at the movies and Jacob got out he told me to stay while he let the door open for me it felt like a romantic movie this had all started really fast we both continued to hold hands we walked in like a couple I pushed him to the theatre wall and kissed him it was my first kiss and I had always dreamed that it would be Jacob my life was a real dream come true he didn’t pull back or anything rose and Kyle just stood there while waiting for us to finish the lady at the front desk asked us to stop I pulled back I had the biggest smile on my face rose and my father had got us some snacks I felt like Jacob was the only person in front of me we followed my father and step mother into the theatre Jacob and I sat really close I asked for his number he sent me a text

Text message unknown

Will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?

I sent him a text back

Me to unknown

I will be your girlfriend

We stopped texting each other we watched the movie as we started walking out rose and my father were asking us so many questions to the point we both just walked out we waited in the car I didn’t know why but Jacob and I were texting each other as soon as we dropped him off at his house I stood out the front of his house while we shared our kiss his mother watched out the window I couldn’t believe this Jacob and I were finally a couple after all these years of me watching him I finally got somewhere in life.

3 weeks later

My mother was sitting on the lounge when my phone started going of I had a text from Jacob

Jacob my baby to me

I miss you savannah Brittany rose I can’t wait to come home from my fathers I wish you all the best I want you to know I love you no matter what xoxoxox <3

Me to Jacob my baby

You have only been gone for about 2 weeks and I’m dying already I really wish you would come home to I love you to the whole wide world and back again 23 million times again

My mother got up and started laughing she looked like a complete idiot she picked up my phone out of my hand she must have been annoyed because my phone keeps going off she started reading my messages I didn’t really like the look of that but I didn’t have anything to hide she smiled at me it is like she had read something and then it felt like she had been angry at the other point of it I snatched my phone out of her hand I could of sworn she was going to knock me out I needed to get out of here so I ran up the stairs and walked into the bath room I shut the door I had no choice but to lock it my mother walked up to the bath room where I had myself locked she banged on the door.

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