Attitude, boyfriends, troublemaker

this story is about a young girl with additude but when she really loves someone she is going to fight for her love he may lead her in a different direction but will she follo him!


5. pain

I took my phone out smashing it on the ground I couldn’t keep my mind of what I had seen I tried shuffling it of I took a long hot bath just draining my tears in the water I had the bath on full blast so  I relaxed waiting for the hot water to burn my skin my tears just flowed to my naked bare skin I waited for his silence I wanted him to join I wanted him to make love to me but I knew deep down that we will never be the same I know we will never have a chance tighter I didn’t want it to to feel this way my life had just felt like nothing we moved so that i could be a model and jacob could have a life.

i finally came out of the shower and we shared a hug a really long hug we exchanged kisses for a very long time we went and sat down on the bed and talked about his ex i wanted to change the subject all we could talk about was his girlfriend when really it wasnt my idea of a conversation i needed to know for shore if we were meant to be we cuddled i was in the worst pain ever my life could be over as far as i was concerned it had been happening for the past 2 days who knows what else he is capable of and it certanly wasnt me that was doing all the cheating!

" look jacob are we going to last or is this over"?

" it isent over baby"

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