Attitude, boyfriends, troublemaker

this story is about a young girl with additude but when she really loves someone she is going to fight for her love he may lead her in a different direction but will she follo him!


3. arritude comes in

“Savannah Brittany rose you will not be allowed to see Jacob any more understood young lady until you respect me

I ignored my mother I didn’t know what I was doing so I finally got the window open and it didn’t look too high to jump so I jumped out of the window I through my bags down first  I snuck of and ran.

3 months later

It was a Saturday morning about 9 am when  I woke up my boyfriend Jacob was still asleep I had been living with his father and him ever since I left my mother’s house she didn’t even call the police she just sent me a text

My mummy to me

Hi baby girl I notice you had packed your stuff and jumped out the bath room window and I understood why you have run away I just want you to know that I’m not going to call the police I hope you have an amazing life with Jacob my door is always open when you want to come home I love you very much baby girl

Me to my mummy

Good I don’t honestly care I wouldn’t have run away if you said I couldn’t see Jacob so it’s your fault and I don’t love you so leave me alone!

But then I realised she hadn’t been mad or anything so I sent it but she didn’t send anything back I had kind of figured that she was doing the right thing between me and my boyfriend I left her alone just in respect Jacob didn’t have much say in it I did see my mother the other day when Jacob and I were at his mother’s house she just waved but I went inside she had some guy with her it might have been her new man I couldn’t care less. I woke Jacob up only because his mother sent me a text

Mummy nelly to me

Hi bub can you please wake Jacob up and ask him to come over for a couple of days you are more than welcome to come stay only because I love you and your amazing to my son xoxoxox nelly.

Me to mummy nelly

Hey mummy I can do that for you ill wake him up now I’ll let him know and ill pack his bags just so I know he has the right equipment and thank you love you to mum xoxoxox

Mummy nelly to me

“Thank you beautiful girl I’ll see you when use get here love you to

I have an amazing mother in law I woke Jacob up he just smiled at me I showed him the text messages he jumped straight out of bed he practically did his bags in like 10 minutes I have never seen a man get out of bed like he did I got dressed and finished doing my makeup I loved this guy like a really special rose in my heart that never dies it just keeps on growing alive more. Jacob and I arrived at his mother’s house she was waiting out the front for us I noticed Jacob turned around looking over at my mother’s house I walked over to nelly I gave her a huge hug she tappet me on the shoulder pointing over at Courtney’s house I chose to ignore my mother Jacob walked over to my mother she must have called him over to her he basically went I stood there nelly and I had a really good talk while Jacob started walking on the road my mother’s boyfriend started driving faster he nearly hit Jacob I ran across the road as fast as I could I grabbed Jacob I started going of my head

“You idiot where did you get your licence from a cereal box

“I’m sorry savannah it’s not my fault your little boyfriend here was walking to slow

“You’re the silly person that was driving like a maniac

“Well maybe if you had more to do with your mother she wouldn’t be trying to get your boyfriend here


“Savannah Brittany rose don’t you talk to rick like that

“ oh yeah if you’re a real mother you wouldn’t let your idiot of boyfriend try and kill my boyfriend so much of caring for me

I walked over to see if Jacob was okay I didn’t want him to get hurt. his mother wasn’t too happy we were just waiting for Jacob’s dad to come over I knew Paul would help me get back at my mother and her criminal boyfriend my father and rose pulled up in the drive way I ran over to them I gave my step mother a huge hug my father didn’t look too impressed he got out he gave me a hug Jacob and I told him the story my father and step mother walked over to my mother’s house I had never seen my father go more skits in my whole in tire life he demanded for my mother and her boyfriend to get outside

“Courtney get out here with your criminal boyfriend demanded Kyle

“What do you want Kyle and if you are over here for your daughter little tantrum don’t bother talking laughed Courtney

“I don’t want you I want rick demanded Kyle

“What do you want Kyle crossing his arms at rick

“Get your sorry bottom out here if you ever try and kill my son in law again ill brake your jaw understood and don’t you ever act like you know my daughter Savannah was going to have contact with her mother until you tried to kill Jacob startled Kyle who was kicking the fence in

I didn’t want my life to go like this so I went inside with Jacob who had cuts on his arms from when I pushed him to save his life I loved Jacob too much my father and rose came inside while Jacob and I sat on the lounge talking about my mother and her boyfriend’s attitude Jacob and I discus that I would put Courtney to a test to see if she really loves me so I walked over with Jacob we knocked on the door rick answered the door I asked for my mother he told me to leave I told him if he didn’t let me in I was going to make shore my father made him regret being born so we went inside I forced the door open my mother stood up she started acting like she missed me Jacob stood behind me she greeted him in I sat down we had a really good talk Jacob stayed. my mother’s and my talk went on for hours I finally came to an agreement that when I stay over I didn’t want her boyfriend around only because of the way he spoke to me she agreed. The look that rick was giving me it was like I was going to be dead Jacob death stared him down I wouldn’t blame him.

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