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1. this happened today.

I put my notebooks away,

And my pencils and my erasers.

I even made my bed before I got up and went to the kitchen

And started helping you with dinner.

I could tell there was something on your mind,

The way you slammed the new glass plates on the counter

And yanked the lever to the faucet.

You sighed,

A long 




I moved on to the bell peppers,

You switched to the stove,

Viciously stirring the shrimp on the pan,

One of them flung across the surface and landed on the floor.

Your cursed

And upset with the food still grilling on the new glass kitchenware

Fled from the room.


I kept chopping the lettuce.

My mind a whirlwind of latin songs to hum while I did my best

Not to slice my fingers.

I was worried you would return;

Pale face etched into a rage

Your curly hair like a twisted black monster plaguing your mind.

I wonder

If there was anything I could have done to make you feel better.

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