My Real Life Christian Grey // h.s

When Chloe's parents die unexpectedly, she is forced to move to London with her only immediate family, her older brother, Liam Payne. She finally meets his band mates and is completely taken aback by them, their attitudes, and their actions. She finds a special interest in ultimate heart-throb, Harry Styles, and she thinks that he is one of the sweetest guys that she's ever met- a true charismatic gentleman. But what happens when she finds a deeply dark and disturbing side to him? Will she push him to the curb? Will she help get rid of it? Will they fall in love with each other?

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9. Chapter 9.

I awoke in my bed, lights off. Liam lay on the other side of my bed on his back, hands clasped together as they lay upon his chest. Melanie lay at the end of my bed, halfway hanging off. Harry is leaned against the wall sloppily, whilst Louis lays his head on Harry's shoulder. Zayn sits in the corner of my bedroom, laid back in my mushroom chair. And all of the lads are asleep.

I take this moment of peace to try to recall what had happened. I was at Starbucks with Melanie when Harry had showed up, but I remember nothing after that. I close my eyes as I remember the way that Harry had halfway been covered in light, the other half covered in shade. At the moment, I thought nothing of it but now, I symbolize it as a metaphor; Harry is half dark, and half sweet.

My head began pounding just as Liam began to stir. "Hey, princess," he groggily said to me, speaking lowly.

I smiled back at him. "Hey, Li," I spoke back equally as low.

"How you feeling?"

I groan at his words. I wasn't quite sure whether or not it was his choice of words, or for the simple fact that I was not feeling well at all, but he seemed to understand. And for the first time since our parent's had died, Liam gave me the comfort that I so desperately needed, and I was relaxed.

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