My Real Life Christian Grey // h.s

When Chloe's parents die unexpectedly, she is forced to move to London with her only immediate family, her older brother, Liam Payne. She finally meets his band mates and is completely taken aback by them, their attitudes, and their actions. She finds a special interest in ultimate heart-throb, Harry Styles, and she thinks that he is one of the sweetest guys that she's ever met- a true charismatic gentleman. But what happens when she finds a deeply dark and disturbing side to him? Will she push him to the curb? Will she help get rid of it? Will they fall in love with each other?

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5. Chapter 5.

"Liam!" I shout through out the large, almost maze-like, home.

No reply.

"Liam, I'm home!" I shout again.

No reply.

I sigh and walk up the stairs, shopping bags in hands. I open my door and place the bags on the floor beside it. I close the door back and walk into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I turn the shower on and strip myself. I look at my reflection, finally noticing the scars that I had created after my life began to go downhill.


I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around myself. I hear muffled laughs coming from downstairs, but ignore it as I look in my closet for an outfit. I pull out a pink lace undergarment set, a pair of demin skinny jeans, and a navy blue crop top with the words "Paris Vintage" written across the front in white font, the 'A' in "Paris Vintage" formed from the Eiffel Tower.

I quickly change before towel-drying my hair, brushing it, and drying it. I grab an eyeliner pencil, placing a thin line beneath my eye, before grabbing a red lipstick and running it across my lips.

I walk down the stairs and freeze on the bottom step. I immediately notice the curly-haired guy at the same moment that he notices me. We stare intently at each other before Liam coughs, breaking the very comfortable silence.

"Lads.. This is my sister, Chloe." He says, gesturing towards me.

The curly-haired guy snaps out of his trance. "I knew you looked familiar."

All of the boys stare at him, confused.

"You two met?" Liam asks, looking back and forth from the guy and I.

I just simply nod, at a loss for words. Four incredibly gorgeous boys sit in Liam's and I's living area. I must be in heaven.

"Yeah, mate, I accidentally knocked her over earlier while she was with a friend." He says, trying to keep calm for his and Liam's sake.

Liam nods, understanding. I sigh a sigh of relief and make my way over to the couch, sitting between Liam and a blond guy.

"So, Chloe, this is Niall." He gestures to the blond on the opposite side of me. "This is Louis." He gestures to the brown-haired guy across from me on the couch in front of me. "This is Zayn." He gestures to the black-haired guy sitting beside Louis. "And..." He begins. My eyes glance across to the chair beside the couch opposite me, to the curly-haired guy. "This is Harry."

Harry flashes a cheeky grin at me and my face flushes with heat. I stare down at my nervously interwined hands in my lap.

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