My Real Life Christian Grey // h.s

When Chloe's parents die unexpectedly, she is forced to move to London with her only immediate family, her older brother, Liam Payne. She finally meets his band mates and is completely taken aback by them, their attitudes, and their actions. She finds a special interest in ultimate heart-throb, Harry Styles, and she thinks that he is one of the sweetest guys that she's ever met- a true charismatic gentleman. But what happens when she finds a deeply dark and disturbing side to him? Will she push him to the curb? Will she help get rid of it? Will they fall in love with each other?

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3. Chapter 3.

"I'll see you after work, yeah?" Liam leans down and kisses my cheek. "Be good. Don't burn the house down."

"What does good mean?" I let out a small giggle. "I won't Li. Have fun." I smile at him and he returns the favor.

"Bye, princess." He yells as he walks to his car.

"Bye, Liam." I yell back.

I walk inside and close the door behind me. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding and slide down against the door. I haven't been to London in ages. What am I going to do? I used to go everywhere with Melanie, but- that's it!

I jump up and grab my phone off of the countertop. I scroll through my contacts and come across Melanie, clicking call.

"Hello?" She answers on the third ring.

"Oh my god Melanie!" I shout.

I can her her squeal. We talk a little to catch up and she agrees to pick me up at Liam's.

We end the call and I rush up the stairs into my en-suite bathroom. I close the door and turn on the shower. I strip my clothes and look into the mirror, staring at myself. Observing how my medium-length brown-blond hair flows down my shoulders and mixes in with my hazel eyes. I stare intently at myself before comtemplating if I will one day find someone who appreciates what I have to offer.

I jump into the shower and stand beneath the hot water for maybe 20 minutes before washing my hair and my body. I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body. I walk into my room, grabbing a black crop top, high-waisted denim shorts, and a pair of black ankle boots from the closet. I pull the shorts on before pulling the crop top on over my heaad. I sit on the edge of the bed and slip the ankle boots onto my feet. I stand up and stare at the full-length mirror on the inside of my closet door. Perfect.

I grab my purse and walk down the stairs before slipping my phone into my purse. I hear a knock on the door and open it, revealing a rather ecstatic looking Melanie. "Let's go!" I shout, grabbing her hand and dragging her outside to her car.

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