My Real Life Christian Grey // h.s

When Chloe's parents die unexpectedly, she is forced to move to London with her only immediate family, her older brother, Liam Payne. She finally meets his band mates and is completely taken aback by them, their attitudes, and their actions. She finds a special interest in ultimate heart-throb, Harry Styles, and she thinks that he is one of the sweetest guys that she's ever met- a true charismatic gentleman. But what happens when she finds a deeply dark and disturbing side to him? Will she push him to the curb? Will she help get rid of it? Will they fall in love with each other?

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2. Chapter 2.

Liam's POV

"Thank you so much, Chloe." I say to her as she wraps my foot up with a bandage before helping me stand and walk down the stairs.

"No problem, Li." She says back, smiling at me.

One look at her and I can tell that something is bothering her. I really want to leave it alone, but it seems that the curiousity is killing me. Also, it looks as if she can't stop thinking about whatever is bothering her.

"Chlo?" I ask.


"What's wrong? You look bothered."

She looks over at me, faking her smile again. "Nothing."

I can see past her lies though, and she knows it. "You're lying. Tell me." I demand.

She sighs deeply before speaking. "The last time that I saw glass like that..." She trailed off. "Was when I was in the ambulance with them."

She tears her eyes from mine and I immediately know what she means. I left only weeks before they had died, not knowing that Chloe would soon need someone to hold her through the cold, dark nights.

Chloe and I had always been there for each other, so I was devastated that I couldn't be there for her when our parents died. She called me when she felt lonely, wishing that I could hold her close and tell her that everything will be alright. A few days after the funeral, I found her standing on my doorstep, being completely drenched in the crazy British rains, bags in hands. It broke my heart to see her standing there like that; no emotion etched across her face, just pleading eyes.

One thing is for certain, I will never let anyone hurt her as long as I am breathing.

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